Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lucky Snapping: March brings breezes...

...loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil.

It's been lovely taking photos specifically for this challenge, really taking note of the monthly changes. I have taken a little latitude in the times that I have taken the photos, they are all within a few days of each other and the first week of the month and I am happy with that.

These are my three from this month:
The main view, I am taking from vantage points around the South West Coast Path.
Mum out at the point between Croyde and Saunton.
The view from the kitchen window.
Not my kitchen window, this is the lovely kitchen window where I was retreating this week, in Olney, Bucks.

and one I took at home today with the beautiful tulips I had.
and finally, my neighbourhood photo.
You can just see the daffs on the right.
Now, did anything happen on retreat that needs scrapping? Well of course there is, I need to get on it.
Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. Hi Jen, it seems ages since I did a round-up and said hello to everyone. Good to see we are all back in and hopefully having a few laughs with Anne's prompt! I like your churchyard picture this month and good on you for grabbing daffs in there too.. xx

  2. You did brilliantly this week, dear Jen!
    We had a really lovely challenge.
    Thank you so much for the tasks, photos and reviews!
    Good luck!

  3. The contrasts in the colours in these pictures are so strikingly lovely - the grey in the first, then the tulips and then the green in the last

  4. Thank you foryour week again,my views like you are always done the first week of the month, though I have used today to show snow again!!

    i have to say I was worried if this challenge was collapsing with no Anne, Kathi and then you busy then away but hey guess it will be like this during the year:)

    Great to hear from Anne and Kathi again!

  5. Hope you had fun on your retreat - can't all to see what you all made.

  6. Gorgeous to see your photos Jen. How lovely that you have tulips at home too x

  7. Wonderful pictures. The landscapes that all of you have is so different from mine. I love seeing them all!

  8. Lovely photos,very bright and cheerful.

  9. It's good to see the sunshine in these photo's Jen. Not so sure if it is like that for you today, the forecast sounds quite grim in your part of the country. Hope you are wrapped up warm and dry.

  10. Your pictures are all beautiful,well taken,love that part of the country,theresa,trying my hand the bloghop over on creative craft world.


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