Sunday, 24 March 2013

Lucky Snapping: Five Things.

Over at Lucky Snapping this week, Kathi has prompted us to think of five things to share that others may not know about me. Apologies if you know any of this already. 

1. I have webbed toes, I know, eurgggh yuckety-yuck right? Well it is only the second and third toe of each foot up to the joint and no I won't show you a photo up close :) I am ok at swimming too.

Have you gone? No, well done, you are made of stern stuff indeed.

2. I lived on Lundy Island from the age of 6 weeks. You can see some posts about it here and here.

3. I can barely do any basic maths in my head at all, yet I can do quadratic equations. Guess which one would have come in more useful on a daily basis?

4. I can speak backslang, according to wiki, along with victorian greengrocers, prisoners and modern day female tennis players. My friend and I learned it to have private conversations on the telephone back in the day when you had to sit in a communal area to have a telephone call. 

5. I worked a night shift last night to see my night managers and do some planning with them. I don't get to do whole shifts with them very often and so it was really nice although I feel a bit tired now! Off to bed for a bit, I have to go in again later so I better had.
Night/Morning All!


  1. Interesting facts about yourself!Off to look what back slang is now!!
    Don't work too hard ((hugs))

  2. Interesting facts, my husband has webbed same toes but he can't swim. Lucky you living on Lundy Island it is somewhere I've always wanted to visit

  3. This is fascinating and brave of you. What a great idea, trouble is would I want people to know even one thing about me that they don't already know ha ha sounds a bit revealing for me.

  4. Interesting,interesting..:)

  5. Here she is. We missed you so much, Jen. Well done for the quadratic equations. So interesting to hear about all these things we don't know ! xxx

  6. great facts....i am no good at thinking up things about myself- as you could see from my blog, lol

  7. Hi Jennie
    All being well I shall be coming to Devon over Easter. I don't know what my plans will be as we are staying with friends, but I wondered if there was an opportunity, whether you might be around for a coffee? If you are, can you email me please
    It would be lovely to meet you if it is possible. I'll be staying in Merton. x

  8. Jen, they are great facts! I had a pal with two webbed toes, as well. Love that you lived on Lundy and oh I loved those equations..sad that I am. It's a shame you are back at work FT again, but good you have got some new routines with kids and chores.We have fallen into lazy weekends of late so my jobs are stacking up, but for the minute I just don't seem to care!
    Hoping you may still have a plan to come this far west this summer.. would love to see you and could prob accomodate if you are happy to bunk up with your boys a bit xx

  9. Cool facts, I can do appropriate maths for my job, working out drug doses, etc but otherwise I'm no good. Fortunately the kids haven't needed help with maths homework as that all looks very complicated!

    Lundy looks lovely xx

  10. wow they are very interesting facts, I am with you on mental maths, in fact I am hopeless with any maths lol.
    Never heard of back slang, must also look it up. xx

  11. Well, I am going to look at you in a different light next time I see you ! LOL
    Love that you have shared these facts. I am with Lindsay in that I can do appropriate maths for my job "would you like 1 biscuit or 2 with your tea Mr(s) Smith" ?!! xx

  12. Like Lynne, I had to look up what backslang is. I had never heard of it. We used to talk 'pig latin' though I am pretty sure everyone knew what we were saying. LOL


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