Thursday, 25 April 2013

Beat The Christmas Rush

Our 4th month of beating the christmas rush by making our christmas cards 5 at a time each month. I now have 20...wait no, I don't as I only made 4 this month due to the clock beating me, but I am still ahead of that wily old devil, time. This time last year I hadn't even thought of christmas cards and now I have a stash :)

If you want to join in at Creative Craft World and beat the rush then you can here. I loved this card from our challenge entries last month for the amazing colouring job.
Deanne it is superb, I am inspired to get out the copics and have a practice :)
I loved this one too for such an unusual design which would definitely catch my eye if it came at christmas! Love it Gail, I am inspired to look out for this die or a similar idea, so thank you.

So this month I made some stepper cards which came about as I was commissioned by my Lauren to make a birthday card for her boyfriend Adam and she wanted it to be a "bit layout-y but definitely a card". 
I immediately remembered this card made by Susi for her daughter's birthday a couple of years ago that I much admired and thought might come in handy for the children.
So thank you Susi :)
 I made a mix of steppers from the template with papers from MME, October Afternoon and Simple Stories.

I think some of them need a bit more embellishment and I have cut out the 5th stepper so I will finish that off before putting them in my pile ready for December happy mail.
I am a bit addicted to steppers now :)


  1. Ooh those are lovely, I think they are great as they are. Fab idea. x

  2. these steppers Jen, something Ive not.been brave enough to have a go at yet

  3. I think they might have to go on my list of clever things to try too :)

    I absolutely love a card that's a bit layout-ey. You can't get a much better papercrafting combination!

  4. I'd forgotten that I had that MME kit! I've never tried steppers before but they look tricky...hhhmmm there's a challenge for me!

  5. These are lovely. Especially like rejoice and the hexagons. Great idea and very special Xmas cards. Glad you liked my flock of birds. I use this die quite a lot so I definitely recommend it.

  6. What beautiful cards!! And the step layout makes them so much more interesting than a regular card. Love the papers you used.

  7. Love the "Hello, my name is" bit - so sweet!! And thanks for choosing my card!

    Deanne :)

  8. I'm into stepper cards at the moment too but I can't show mine on my blog just yet Lol! Thank you for choosing my card for Holly as your inspiration:)

    I love how you've used the papers, the cards are really special.

  9. So very pretty indeed ! I love the blue ones with the typewriting and the hexagons especially. You are going to be so far ahead when December comes!

  10. These are lovely Jen. I have made step cards in the past but you have reminded me how good they look.

  11. Hi Jen...I've enjoyed this post & what a great job you're doing in getting ahead for Christmas!! I've really stopped by to say I'm sending scrappy goodies to you as part of Sians 'The Big Swap of Very Small Things' & wanted some clues to your 'style'! I'll be checking back through your posts & if you could give me some words that describe your style, along with your postal address, that would be great! My email is Swapping!! :D


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)