Saturday, 6 April 2013

Curious Coastal Charm: Creative Craft World

Very nearly all the C's in the world in that title :)
Have you blog hopped from Ali on the monthly Creative Craft World Scrapmap? If not and you fancy seeing what the DT have been up to then you can find the full list at CCW. Gorgeous work Ladies.
Saunton Sands; it's not my favourite North Devon beach, but not too shabby either ;)
As part of the Lucky Snapping challenge I am hosting to take photos of your favourite view, I am taking the views from the South West Coast Path between where I live and where I work. This was one of my favourites from our walk at the end of february

It was disastrous. I wasn't dressed well enough and was on the scale of cold to frozen at any point during the walk, my shoes weren't suitable either. 
We didn't take the map, the expensive one that I bought specifically so we didn't get lost, yes that one. 
I know that even though I know this coast I need to take great care in the sea and on the coast and to take a map and mobile and let people know where we are. It's just that as well as knowing these things you need to actually do them. 
Unfortunately we went the wrong way, we were too worried about cutting across Braunton Burrows as the Marines train there and there were warning notices at each turn off, so we thought it was safer to carry on. Well, we wished we had taken the risk I think as it took us 10 miles instead of the 4-5 we had planned for. 

Lessons learned. I have lovely new walking boots and won't be going anywhere again that is more than 2 minutes from a main road without a map and GPS signal.

Anyway, the walk itself was stunning, Croyde beach, where we left off from an earlier walk;
I hope the scarf found it's owner, in hindsight I should have pinched it so it was at least warming me up.
You can see the sky is trying to clear and of course there is always a surfer on croyde beach. In fact at midnight in January I expect they are in there :)
Mum going around the headland.
Another part of the coast path eroding, it is an ongoing battle to find alternative paths for the maintenance team and of course, you do have to take care. We edged around here very slowly and gingerly as that brown was slippy mud.
That glorious view again;
I hadn't yet scrapped all of the photos, so this scrapmap was perfect to use the other to show some detail shots and showcase that view.
Love this line from Amy Tangerine.

Ok, time to hop again over to Lou's blog here.


  1. Great photos. I think you did the right thing leaving that scarf there - if it had been yours you would be happy to find it if you went back.
    I'm interested to know about your Lucky Snapping challenge.

  2. As a coastal.girl I.just love your photos, One day I.will tackle the.Long Drive down from Scotland to Devon, something Ive always wanted to do.

    Just love your layout, fab pics, love the inking and those arrows are brill

  3. Hi Jen,
    Great photos, the view looks like it was worth the few extra miles :-) love your use of arrows :-) .

    Donna Jones

  4. Absolutely fab page Jen, lots of details. I love your story behind the photos and I hope you have done some journalling somewhere.

  5. Wow and wow! I lvoped your post. What amazing photos culminating in a super interpretation of the scrap map, Jen. Fab-u-lous!
    Sue x

  6. Stunning photos Jen and I love the way you always have such an interesting story to go with them. Fabulous layout xxx

  7. Jen,
    that coastal view is soooo beautiful. Shame on me, I didn't take my April photo yet, still have tomorrow !!! xxx

  8. What a truly striking photo and no wonder it has pride of place on your lovely page. Glad nothing untoward happened to you on your walk!

  9. Awesome layout and those are some truly beautiful pictures!

  10. At least you learnt the take the map lesson! The photos are stunning & the Lo gorgeous xx

  11. Oh dear! At least you had lovely scenery!

  12. Great photos, lovely LO. Is that canvas or just some gorgeous paper you have used??


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