Sunday, 26 May 2013

6 Days and counting...

The monthly challenge over at UKS has a great sketch to follow.

I used it for one of the 12x12 layouts in project life this month. It has been manic at work for the first 13 weeks of the financial year; we have had an extra job to do and that has been emotional, hard and boring all at the same time. Now that the project has just about come to an end we are all relishing a bit of an easier work day. On top of that we are still decorating and sorting the house out at home and it has been a big adjustment going back to work full-time after my lovely few months away from it. I decided that Sunday was going to be a scrapbook day and catch up on project life, well, in between playing moshi monsters.
It was lovely to catch it up and because of the way I am approaching it this year it feels less daunting when I do slip 'behind'.
 A couple of weeks ago I completed my first 10k run for a long time. I hadn't trained as much as I would have liked and I knew the course had a hill so I wanted to be in as good a place as I could be so I had a super healthy week. 

Porridge, Salad, walking, running and swimming.
It was a good week and the run was better for it, at the very least in my mind!

 Love the Maggie Holmes paper from Crate, I die-cut the circles and mounted paper behind them and then embossed off-set circles with turquoise zing powder. 
The run was enjoyable, apart from climbing up to the cliff path!! I only managed to run up a third and then I thought I might explode.
I took this snap as I went along the cliff path of the coast and woolacombe beach that I had just run along and would have to do again :D

I am training now for Race For Life which is half the distance and so I am training to try and do it faster than I normally do. Which is slow. So slow. At this point on the run I was at about 4km and I could see the winners finishing, ahem. :)


  1. great blog post as usual Jen, I love the layout, and you are doing so well on the running, wish I had your motivation,

  2. Your layout is very beautiful Jen. Glad that work is slowing down a bit and you should get some time to breathe and enjoy your family as well as things you like doing. It's very brave to do race for life, even if slowly. I don't know if I could do it now (excepted probably walking), as unfit as I am with all this work that suffocates me. So glad hearing from you. xxx

  3. Well done for fitting in any running time at all in your uber busy life. You are an inspiration and that page is stunning. I love every bit of it xxxx

  4. Stunning page, Jen and an inspirational story. How you pack so much in to your life is beyond me:)

  5. Lovely page! and running? ooh, now you're scaring me :) Seriously, well done

  6. Great page - I seem to be the only one without any Maggie Holmes product - must "run" to the store and remedy that. Scrap supplies might possibly be the only thing that would motive me to run. Good for you for tackling 10k.

  7. Well done you! I'm impressed that you can run that far at all let alone with little training. Fantastic layout too. I wasn't sure about the Maggie Holmes papers but I was about to ask you what those were so I obviously DO like them!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)