Monday, 27 May 2013

Hello baby boy.

This layout was for the UKS challenge last week. To use a photo of an event either from now or during May in 'history'. To use an irregular sized photo and to use two embellies beginning with B.


I used this photo of my brother Rich being brought from Okehampton on Dartmoor where he was born, to our paternal grandparents Granny & Granddad Edwards in Ilfracombe for his first visit, on our way to Lundy (Island, where we lived). Granny Dennis took the photo as she was helping Mum get back to the island with us both. 

They were both already into their 70's by then as Dad was adopted by Granny when she went with her daughter to adopt her daughter. If that makes any sense? There was a generation gap, if that helps!
Granddad was 78 here and died the year after so this is only one photo I can find with us in with him. So well done Granny D for getting the shot as Rich is clearly screaming and it would have been easy to abandon the idea!

WC May Week 3

So, a big event, I trimmed the photo square and added 3 sequins for the bling.
Thanks for coming by =)


  1. Ahh Jen, what a fabulous capture, and for a moment I thought it was you with one of your boys! Hope the summer (?) is treating you kindly? xxx

  2. Gorgeous LO Jen and such a lovely photo and memory for you :) xx

  3. Beautiful photo of you all and splendid memory. I also thought it was you with one of the

  4. Lovely blogging as usual, dont you look like your mum.. I mean you now look like your mum in this photo. great to scrap such a milestone moment too.

  5. It's such an evocative's timeless and yet it's also easy to guess a year for it. The best kind!

  6. Love the stitching and the words scattered here and there. A great story and a beautiful page.

  7. What a sweet page for that grand picture.

  8. Your page pays homage beautifully to this amazing photo, and the toughness of life seems to shine through the smiling faces - they have really lived.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)