Saturday, 25 May 2013

Beat The Christmas Rush - May

My friend Sue is hosting a challenge to get the christmas cards made on time. You can see hers here.
I am thrilled that I have such a pile of cards.

This month I was inspired by It's A Creative World and the never ending card they made.

It was surprisingly easy to make and it was also surprising that my youngest son was completely freaked out by it and wouldn't touch it :D

I think they would be awesome as a child's birthday card, but clearly not Ali's!

That cute robin button was one of a set given to me by Sue and she got them from my other friend Susi's Etsy Shop, if you like buttons then you will like her shop :)

A very short video to show you how it looks if you haven't seen them before.

Two more work days round here and then I am on hols. I am trying not to fret about the fact that the only two nice days foreast are these two days that I am working :) 
I hope you have some time out to enjoy the nice days, if indeed the weather is nice around your way.
Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!


  1. I've 'seen' these online before, but never how they work. Your card is very elegant. Thanks for the links - my Dad's 80th birthday is in a couple of weeks - plenty time to get one done I think.

  2. Lovely card Jen, I don't think I've ever actually made one myself and I clearly need to have a go now don't I?

    Thank you for using my buttons:)

  3. Wow Jen that's so clever! I have a card to make this weekend and I just might have a go - your tutorial is fab. :o) Thank you so much for join ing me in Beating the Christmas Rush.
    Sue x

  4. Love this card, it looks fab, Poor Ali not liking it!

    I'll be having a go sometime soon, great tutorial. x

  5. It looks lovely and you have reminded me that I made one of these a few years ago.
    Must do another! Thank you for the idea :)

  6. Never tried this. Must study your tutorial.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)