Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Day In The Life Part 1

A few weeks ago Ali Edwards invited us to join in with her to record A Day In The Life. She has done this for many years and I have always loved seeing her posts and how she has recorded the days in her scrapbook documents.
I have tried it before and loved the process and this time I was determined to capture as much as I could and also +get it in the scrapbook+


Anyway, Day In The Life: Tuesday May 12th 2015
Alarm 04:00-Lights Out 22:00

04:15 | Getting ready, eyes looking tired.

04:15 | My favourite make-up, The Body Shop in the main. I haven't got a "get rid of tired eyes" magic wand though sadly. 

04:25 | My reminders: I get so involved in work that I knew I would forget to take any photos. I set the reminder alarms to really loud and really annoying, much to the amusement of my colleagues.

04:25 | My Breakfast Smoothie: One banana from the bowl, I don't like it too cold so I don't freeze them first or use any ice, 1/4 cup oats, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp agave or honey, 250ml of almond or coconut milk, sometimes a tbsp of cocoa powder. Blitz. I don't blitz at 04:25, I think my family would be a tad mad. I do it the night before and leave in fridge. It doesn't look too good in that light does it  But it does taste delicious I will eat it on the journey I am taking later to a meeting.

04:36 | My iPhone home screen. I made the background in Rhonna Farrer's Design app.

05:02 | At work, the threshold from Colleague Room to Warehouse. Exciting   
I am in early to do my periodical cash checks where I physically check that all the money I am accountable for is where it should be and that there is as much as there should be  

07:12 | On our way to another store in Exeter about an hour and a half away, we have a new project starting in a few weeks in our store and we have been buddied with a store that have already been through it. We are going to meet their expert and get some live training on the new system. Danni, my Deputy Manager and Lucy my Admin Assistant is with me. Danni very kindly said she would drive. 
I was already through my 2nd litre of water by 08:02. This has been a great new habit.

11:22 | Walking through Princesshay in Exeter with glimpses of the beautiful Cathedral.

14:12 | Back at work for a bit as a minor drama was unfolding while we were away and we thought one of us might have to stay for the whole evening shift as well. One of my step-up team came to the rescue thank goodness. 
The view from the bridge I walk across to where we park (the store is in the high street). I don't mind the walk on lovely days like this!

14:12 | One foot in front of the other, I was beginning to feel quite tired.

14:17 | One more job before leaving Barnstaple. Collecting paving slabs and sand for my patio project. You can see more about that here.

15:05 | I headed straight to bed for a power nap. I was back awake and up by 15:35 ready to see the boys and Lauren home from school and college. Everyone is eating their own thing tonight as we are all doing different things. 

16:01 | I arrive at the pool and gym.

16:02 | The blossom is just past it's best, but still gorgeous and the petal fall made the grass look so pretty.

16:03 | Such a beautiful day. This is the pool, it has amazing views over the sea. Well from what I can remember, I duck straight into the pool from the changing rooms now as I am overweight. Back when I was a skinny teenager though, I remember sitting in those lovely bay windows at gala's and lesson's and fun sessions looking at the view when we were taking a break. 

16:43 | Finishing my 3 mile treadmill run.

16:43 | Sweaty! My running playlist today: Underworld - Born Slippy, Rihanna-Only Girl In The World, Hey Boy Hey Girl - Chemical Brothers, You've Got The Love - Candi Staton, Taylor Swift - Shake It Off, Pizza Guy - Touch Sensitive.

17:15 | A hurried walk down to the Churchyard with Minty. I am beginning to flag now. The sun flare from the Torrs catches my eye though. An attempt to get her to sit still so I can take a photo.

17:30 | Ali practicing his spellings and doing some research for his book project. 

17:45 | Louis making his dinner.

17:45 | I went outside to see the garden. I have loved doing that this year since the new patio went in. 

17:45 | The peony is showing, a few weeks yet though.

17:45 | The new clematis Mum chose.

17:45 | I couldn't resist another photo of the patio  I know it isn't spaced very well, even if I put the photo on an angle, even if you squint, but please remember #betternotperfection.

17:45 | The garden is coming along nicely now. I am looking forward to the delphiniums and lupins.

18:55 | The slow cooker meal was prepped yesterday and Mum put it on for me. I love this thing. I have a big one but no-one really likes all of the food I do so I bought a little one. It's great, makes a meal for now, one for the freezer and a small portion for next day's lunch. Helpful for running lots of shifts and working flexibly. 

19:25 | Vegetable Chilli & Rice. And no, I wouldn't have arranged it so artfully if it was not going to be included here, and I doubt I would have garnished it either, but you know what, it was all the better for it. 

19:25 | I ate on my own and updated my planner for the next few days.

20:15 | Blogging as the sun starts to set. I listen to Vaughan William's The Lark Ascending to chill me out. Then a quick warm shower.

21:12 | Bedtime, reading All The Light We Cannot See by Antony Doerr which I love.
22:00 | Lights out in every sense of it.


Would you fancy tackling the project? Would you find value in it? I'll be honest, it always makes me question my behaviours and habits and I know it has had long term effects on me.

Two months perspective has already made me glad I recorded it. I no longer do traditional project life as the kids don't let me take so many photos so I think this will be a good way to capture routines as a snap shot. 

Thanks for reading  I hope to be able to show you the finished scrapbook in the next few days.


  1. Love this Jen - think I may have to join you sometime in this project! Hugs Sarah x x x <3

    1. Thanks Sarah, I think you would like it :-) xxx

  2. lovely Jen, I loved your beautifully arranged dinner and I loved reading about the nitty gritty of your day, once again i take my hat off to you for being so organised

  3. Thanks Maria :-) Recording my day makes me get organised and then I get more done and then I adopt that for a while at least!

  4. I am just in awe of how much you fitted into that day. So glad you explained later about the paving stones - I was a but puzzled when I saw it on your phone near the start! When I saw you were going to the gym and then did 3 miles on the machine, I took my metaphorical hat off to you :).

    1. Thanks Alexa, it really doesn't go that well most days. I normally work a 10-7 and that blows the whole day up! I really have a poor memory so the iPhone reminders have been a real boon.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this and looking at your beautiful pictures. I'm another one blown away by your routine. You can pack in a lot!

    1. Not everyday, but thank you. I would just work and sleep otherwise lol

  6. Such a busy life and you still manage the gym and walk the dog! You're amazing Jen, do you know that?
    Loved reading about your day.

  7. Thank you Susi, as above, not all the time!

  8. Loved this ! Thank you for sharing!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)