Friday, 24 July 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole


The Women's Equality Party is progressing. You can read about why I got involved here. They have set up membership and today chose a leader for the party. Sophie Walker, you can read her blog here. I attended the first meeting of the Bideford branch last week and it was fab to meet other members of the party. It feels exciting and we are all being asked to get involved in writing policy by providing ideas. The proper launch is going to be September/October time.

I enjoyed this article on Toni Morrison's commencement address, I like the blog in general.

Did you see this shark attack on a surfer? The comments though. Please open them and have a look at some of the memes 

I'm planning a small veggie garden and I liked the look of this idea as a starting point. Please speak up with any and all advice for a first time veggie grower.

And I would like to try this indoors this winter.

Thanks and goodbye 


  1. sounds inspiring Jen, go for it. Apathy is the enemy where politics are concerned. Veg gardens are alot of work, but there is nothing to beat freshly picked home grown produce, even if it does result in 10 tons of lettuce or whatever at the same time, the exact same time as it hits cheap as chips prices in the shops because everyone has the same situation.... but as I say, nice to step outside and pick it yourself. Id love a terrarium, I used to have one, I would like one again....

    1. I know you do grow a lot. I will be asking advice no doubt!

  2. That veggie patch looks super, I'm only growing sweetcorn & peas this year as o don't have much time.

    Good luck with the politics.

    Speaking of Alice in Wonderland there is a new thing in London where you go around being big or little, going to the tea party. It's for grown ups! I'll try & find the link! xx

  3. Good Luck with the politics x
    And with the veggie garden - We are about to install a greenhouse and are "Trying" to grow some tomatoes this year :)

  4. Thank-you for the info and the links, Jen, on WE :). An indoor garden sounds just the thing for our climate, doesn't it. I've just come across wall planters which don't drip, so am contemplating an indoor wall garden.

  5. There used to be a Women's Coalition party here. Best of luck with it!


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