Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another, finished……..finally.

Another project that has been on the go for a long while is this one.


It has been in my project box for at least 6 months. I bought the

canvas with little idea with what to do with it. It started off with

some pearly paint, then viva croco paint in turquoise, I didn’t

know quite what to do with it then and left it.



My good friend Maria bought me some bronze croco paint and

I added that. It wasn’t until yesterday that the rest of it came together.

I added a mini canvas and used some bronze metal to emboss and

punch out. I am quite pleased with it and I know what I will do with

the next one.

I was inspired mainly by work that I saw on display at LB Crafts,

although their stuff is much better and will give me something to

work towards.

Though, I cannot even look at this colour for a while, it has been a

turquoise/teal overdo I don't know smile


  1. Awww that's just gorgeous! Tha metal work is super and such a lovely photo of the boys. I do not believe you have overdosed on turquoise, though. LOL
    Sue x

  2. Those liitle crowns are a very cool touch :)

  3. Your canvas is georgeous. They are two very handsome princes too! :)J

  4. This is lovely but please don't stop using turquoise:D

  5. loving the incorporated mini canvas and all the turqoise texturing, and the title. I remember you telling me about this, its nice to see it. NOBODY believes you are going to stop using turqoise!

  6. Love all the teal you've used....a lovely canvas.

  7. Looks great, love the colors & the crowns.

  8. I love that colour combination of copper and turquoise, just perfect:)

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog - I am curious to know why my comments on the forum over the social networking prompt struck you so much? Jen x

  10. Gorgeous, love the colours. Can you email me please? have some good news for you :)

    Lou @ CCW xx

  11. This is awesome. I love the color combo, the photo is precious, everything about is so cool! Congrats on finishing! :)


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)