Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Giggler

Louis was and still is one of the sweetest natured people I know as a toddler he was smiley, giggly and enthusiastic. I cannot remember tantrums, he must have had them but I genuinely cannot remember any. Alex on the other hand, well, now, that is another tale for another time. He is six and had one not long ago, as I posted here.

Just hanging out with him was fun, he woke up smiling and went to bed smiling.


This paper is from Laura, it’s different from what I normally would choose and I love it, thanks Laura.

Laura had a beautiful baby boy 10 days ago, Congratulations Laura and John.


  1. gosh dont you look different with blonde hair? great story and layout as usual Jen, and he does look such a happy child but you look so happy too. well done with this.

  2. Cute Layout! Love the animal patterned paper :)

  3. Wonderful LO as always - I love the way you write too.. it's so sincere and I love reading your posts xx

  4. Your layout is adorable! And how sweet is the story about your happy boy. I've had the pleasure of knowing some really happy people in my life too. :o) xo

  5. This is a lovely page - you both look adorable:)


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)