Friday, 10 June 2011

10 things I know nothing of……


1. I know nothing of space and how so much came out of a bang of molecules or whatever happened………surely even Dr Who doesn’t get what is going on at Cern? I listen riveted and I cannot fathom a single thing they say.

2. I know nothing of electronic. transfer. communication. phone. internet. facsimile. I have lived with at least some of this stuff my whole life and I am still utterly bemused by it all (and oh so grateful).

3. I know nothing of how to investigate the food waste issue we have at work, yet I require my team to do it everyday Winking smile

4. I know nothing of the plot of Coronation Street.

5. I know nothing of my 24th birthday after dancing with a person made out of balloons.

6. I know nothing of the whereabouts of my favourite cuddly toy, Selly the (yeah you guessed it) elephant, that was lost on a cross channel ferry when I was thirteen. Of course i’m over that now.

7. I know nothing satisfactory of who first came up with cake batter.

8. I know nothing of financial services.

9. I know nothing of the alchemy that goes into making basic grey paper. Or any other pretty paper for that matter.

10. I know nothing of what goes on in my two son’s imaginations.


I know a lot of things, but these things mystify me. I must try and find out, except what goes on in my two son’s imagination, some things must be left.

These are my 10 things for the 10th of this month. I am joining in with Shimelle’s 10 things blog linky-up Light bulb


  1. What a unique and great post idea! I would never thought of this but there is a ton I don't know about lol!

  2. cute post!!!I don't know that stuff either:)

  3. What a great listing of 10 things. Fun and creative, TFS your perspective!

  4. Brilliant list, wonderful idea, I may borrow this one sometime. As for no. 1, is it Brian Cox you're sat listening to? I think he tells it all rather well - not sure I understand any better but he is rather nice to 'listen' to lol

  5. this is such a gr8 list. i think brian cox is very clever at making the complex seem easy and he's not bad on the eye either. as for dr who well he is 900 years old so if we reached that age we might know alot more i suppose,
    jo xxx

  6. Great idea for a list post. If I started listing the things I don't know or don't understand, it would be a long list indeed!

  7. fabulous list x
    Reading this makes me realise there is loads I don't know !!
    Sheena x

  8. I love this idea and I know very little about most of those either!

  9. i love your take on 10 things, there really is so much we will never know!

  10. Now this was different and I LOVED it! Now why didn't I think of this. LOL Great post!

  11. What a really great twist on the 10 things! I love it. J x

  12. Great list lol love that you chose things you knew nothing about.
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment :)

  13. Oh, fabulous idea :) Love your list - #5 made me laugh out loud!


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