Thursday, 2 June 2011

Indulging my pink and fluffy side……

……for a change as I have two boys and my ‘adopted’ niece is 13 and therefore no longer pink and fluffy.

Our next door neighbours have a son in Alex’s class and they have been superb during Dad’s illness and helped out with running Alex to and from school and had him into play as well. It’s their daughter’s birthday tomorrow and as she is 4 I felt she would appreciate a pink and fluffy ‘Tilda’ card.

I so enjoyed colouring her in with my copics, I will never ever regret the expense. It is really therapeutic ‘grown-up’ colouring in.

I have asked her and her brother into play on wednesday along with Louis’ friends from the ‘hood that have been kind having him over for tea and sleep overs. I am doing a ‘Pizza Hut’ at home with scrummy pizza (of course) garlic bread (naturally) and hot cookie dough pudding.


Maria, if you are reading this, sorry, you can look away now and I shan’t indulge again for a while Embarrassed smile

If you aren’t a Tilda-phobe then maybe you would like to check out Jane Johnson’s blog who totally inspires with some excellent imaginative and clever cards.

Happy birthday Lucy, how smashing to be 4.


  1. Gorgeous card such pretty colours and I am sure she will adore it! The planned tea sounds yummy!

  2. Now that is so pretty!
    Sue xxx

  3. Such a pretty card :O) Isnt it nice when we find the excuse to make that card ....because ;O) I dont get to make pink fluffy cards at all.. So love looking at ones that others make.
    Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Craft World for our add 3 + flowers challenge. Good Luck !!

    Can you see if you can add a link back to CCW so we can add you into challenge ?

    Choccy x

  4. I'm a fan of Tilda and I love your card, it is so pretty.

  5. well like looking at Lauras baby and her looking at my dog, I will of course be pleased to look at your tildas.... in the nicest possible way.

    I love your blog and they way you tell the stories. Im glad the colouring in was therapeutic and helped, I find it does help enormously.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)