Wednesday, 22 June 2011


are like chocolate, you can’t just have one.'”
Minty on the left, Fudge on the right.
I went to collect Minty from Cornwall about a month after I moved back with Mum and Dad with the boys, in hindsight, what were we thinking? Except it had been a hard time and we thought it would be nice for Dad and the boys. Guess who ended up looking after them, yeah, Mum and I. Two things happened, I didn’t feel able to leave Fudge behind so we now had two puppies and I managed to have a burst appendix and was in hospital for a week, a week after we got them and I wasn’t well for a couple of weeks after that so we didn’t have the easiest start with them. How poor Mum got through that couple of weeks I do not know…..I shudder to think of it.
We collected them in early august but we celebrate their birthdays at Midsummer as that was when they were actually born. They are half-brother and sister and were born two days apart. Erm when I say celebrate I mean we say ‘happy birthday’, comment how old they are and move on Embarrassed smile
We have just been clearing out the space under the stairs where Minty likes to go as it’s dark and I think feels closed in – she is tiny. We have boarded it up to stop her though as she tends to drag toys and shoes in there and growl at us as if she is feral! We are going to buy her one of those cat bed things that has a roof so she can go in there to feel safe and we can get at it and clean it! While Mum was clearing it out she found this photo. We lost the originals of nearly every photo from when they were puppies so this was a real find. When I looked at the weekly challenge this week over at UKScrappers and the theme is animals, well it was a fait accompli.
This is more the style I used to scrap with and I don’t really like it anymore but I do love the photo and it has helped me to see how far I have come…..this one may get tinkered with when my mojo returns.


  1. Oh no, why don't you like it, I think it's such a lovely layout. Mind you does help having such a great picture. :)

  2. This is gorgeous Jen - it's perfect for PAWSF too xx

  3. Oh my word, how darn cute are they?! I love the simplicity of your layout :)

  4. Oh, another here wondering why you don't like it ... a lovely photo, a cluster of pretty elements, lots of 'white' space to draw the eye in ... What's not to like? :)

  5. I never used to like white space but I do now. (I never used to like Prima flowers either lol!)

    As Alexa say,s it really draws your eye into the picture.


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