Sunday, 19 June 2011

I Just Love You…..Scrap Map Saturday

My second week as guest designer for Creative Craft World! I loved the sketch for this week, but it took me ages to find the right thing for the circle element, the text path was perfect, see below for details.


 *Sigh* My most favourite thing about my youngest son right now is that he suddenly appears when I am busy doing scrapping or chores, he throws his arms around me and says-so sincerely and seriously-“I just love you Mummy”.

When I saw the theme for this weeks scrapmap for the Creative Craft World challenge was bright and bold, I immediately thought of Ali, he is a bright young boy and hey he is bold, he said to me just last week as I picked him up for a cuddle and a swing-round, “Mummy, you know you have got so ‘f-word’, (he gasped), not the f-word the fat word, I can’t get my legs around you anymore.”

A good job I am fond of him right? Leave it to the kids to tell you how it is Annoyed

This is a snap of him that I took recently which I love. I have been practising with my DSLR on the manual settings and although it isn’t quite focussed correctly in the traditional way, I do love how it has come out.


Over on UKS the freebie text path from Dawn Inskip is awesome and perfect for this challenge, thanks Dawn.

I also have the Basic Grey Sweet Threads pp on here which I have used for the first time. Love It. (Apropos of nothing as they certainly don’t know I’m saying this but, I bought this from Charmed Cards & Crafts on Friday morning at 6am and it was delivered at 8:15am the next day-awesome that is the fourth time I have used them and it has been ace service each time).

Here is the journaling;

I love this candid of you Ali, even though your hair is too, too long.

5 things I love about you now.

1. The way you appear now and again while i’m busy, throw your arms around me, sigh, and say “I just love you Mummy”

2. The way you play with your cuddlies (new to me because Louis never did) making games up for hours.

3. The way that even though you are big and strong for your age (in 7-8 clothes since you turned six) you have the most graceful and fine bone structure, especially your fingers and hands.

4. The way one day you do not stop eating; beans on toast, shreddies, fish fingers, Nanny’s chicken goujons (we tell you they are chicken nuggets) and ice cream. Then the next day you eat nothing really, just the odd pick at things. Not easy to second guess are you? Very endearing, if a bit frustrating Smile

5. The way your teeth are totally wonky with old ones, new ones and new ones half-grown.

Ali, I just love you too, this year that you are 6.


  1. What a lovely blog post :) and such a wonderful layout

  2. Lovely! And it made me smile because my Al has hair that is too long too!

  3. Such an adorable picture of Ali, he is so photogenic. I love your layout especially the circle of writing.

  4. Lovely, lovely photo and journalling! Those flowers are wonderful too.


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