Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Card Challenge Week 25/’My dull brain was wrought’

The card challenge this week from Natty was a sketch and as luck would have it I made one for a wedding my Mum was supposed to be attending on Saturday that fit the bill (or sketch rather). She was too poorly which was such a shame.
Anyway, simple and on a variation of a theme from the other recent wedding card I made. Just some great paper put together on kraft with some ribbon. I have to say I am loving vellum at the moment for cards.
So Shakespeare this week. The quote is a bit of an apology for such a shocker of a post last week. As I replied to Susi, I worked so hard at getting a link between the card challenge and Shakespeare that it all turned into a mismatch hodpodge.
I can’t guarantee it will be much better this week Smile
So, my teamies (The Bijoux Belles) on UKS are a cranially bless’ed bunch and since I have been discussing my Shakespeare investigations I can feel them looking fondly on at me. They have been so helpful and for one reason and another we ended up with a discussion of Macbeth and I discovered that there a few of them that know this play well and a flurry of quotes appeared to the extent that I had to start it reading it.
I had a couple of lovely lunch-times starting it and recognising some of the great quotes that I knew and lots that I didn’t know that they had given me.
It has shown up some ignorance on my side, huh, well that wasn’t such a surprise was it! So I have been working hard on understanding it all.
The first quote that resonated with me (apart from the ones I recognised) was this;
‘Give me your favour, my dull brain was wrought’
This summed up how I felt about my dull post last week Open-mouthed smile
I am thrilled that the BBC continue their Shakespeare season and I look forward to their adaptatons of the history plays and Joely Richardson’s programmes next week too.
Over and out xxx


  1. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them who knew Macbeth! Henry IV part I was my limit at school and I absolutely hated it. But that was quite sometime ago and I am enjoying your research on our behalf.
    Lovely card by the way.

  2. Im enjoying it too and learning as I go.

  3. Beautiful card Jen. I have found the whole Shakespeare thing very intriguing & has renewed parts of my brain that had absorbed Shakespeare quotes without even realising it! I've researched many websites and now have a handy little book of quotes to use on future LO's - thank you :)

  4. I'm looking out for the Simon Schama programme too - history and Shakespeare, an unbeatable combination. No, wait - Shakespeare and scrapbooking is pretty excellent too!

  5. This is such a soft and pretty card ... and I have yet to watch the second half of Richard II ...


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