Thursday, 28 June 2012

Project Life Weeks 24 & 25.

Well catch-up time again. Oh and did I mention how much I love this project?
After completing the two weeks together I made some notes about how I want to change things for the second half of the year. Namely doing a bit more as I go. I still feel I am missing bits doing it after the week. So how has it gone this week? Well I am paying more attention to the bits I want to include and putting them in the project life drawer but as to actually processing any images, not so much. I also need to get around the problem I have that I don’t seem able to print ‘true’ 6x4’s or indeed 4x6’s. They are smaller and then need to be mounted on pretty paper. I don’t have an issue with the pretty paper of course, but it lengthens the time to put it together. I reckon if the photos fit properly i.e. print properly then it would halve the time. Any Answers? I would be grateful if you have any to leave them in a comment.
Enough blather.
Week 24.
An Ali character made it to the title page Smile
Project Life week 24_2
Although it was more time consuming, it wasn’t a hardship using the beautiful AC Dear Lizzy Neopolitan papers (for both weeks).
I started the week with a most bewildering development, I actually felt like cooking, from scratch with fresh ingredients! The left hand side of the week is showing the results of part of that process, making Portugese Cream Tarts from scratch from Jamie Oliver’s recipe.
He has had the great idea of using bought chilled puff pastry, sprinkling cinnamon over, rolling it up into a roll and then using your fingers to push them down into the muffin tray. Blind bake for a few minutes, fill with cream and egg mix, bake off, then make an orange caramel and pour over when baked from the oven. Delicious and easy and so many possibilities I can think of. Anyway, slightly diverted Smile
The right hand side shows a few photos from my photo a day challenge: family eyes; Cinders my Ragdoll; garden from above, and a message exchange with my mum where I illustrate ‘being careful’. If you would like to see more about that then you can have a look at my photo blog, click.
Mum got back into adding her take on the week as well, which always makes me happy.
Week 25.

PL week 25_1

The week was not overly documented shall we say as Mum and Ali were so poorly it overtook most things. They were so very poorly and I was so worried, especially about Mum. I think, even though the photos aren’t great, you can see Ali’s flushed cheeks.
In other events, Tesco cycled to the moon, 250,000 odd miles in aid of cancer research. I even managed 15 miles.
Other photos show my re-organisation of my room as it had become so unmanageable (I scrap and sleep in the same small room!).
The wierd photo at the top right of the right hand side? Well who knows where those shadows came from? This is the original photo.
Really, now, that is enough blather. Thanks for staying with me Smile


  1. Loving your PL Jen and glad Ali is better x x x

  2. That recipe sounds fab but perhaps not good for the waistline - not that I have one lol!

    You blather away girl, we're loving reading it all:)

  3. Coming to spend a bit of time with you before going to bed. I love our project life pages. They are so inspiring ! As of not printing true 6x4, if you have them printed by a company you just need to crop them, if not that's true they will be a bit smaller. xxx

    1. Thanks Anne. I would fail epically (as the kids say) if I had to wait for the photos. So maybe I have to put up with it? I have messaged Cathy Zielske who I think prints at home as she does her pl on a sunday afternoon. Hopefully she will give me some tips.

  4. Just on catch up mode, loving your PL pages, think I must do this next year, probably it would hurt my head to start now without a beginning moment so to speak... loving your pages..just thinking about next year and not everyone wanting to do a daily challenge prompt, we could make a joint blog and have weekly picture prompt so we all write on same blog and keep in touch like that????

    1. Yes, that's a good idea. Then we could take turns with coming up with the prompt :)

  5. Your project life is so full of interest ... and glad to hear Mum and Ali are on the mend. Which program do you use to print your photos with?

  6. Great PL pages -I don't know how you find the time but they look so pretty! Thanks for reminding me about Jamie's Portuguese tarts. I think I NEED to make some of those as recently ate the real thing and they were yummy!


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