Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Project Life Week 21/22.

Again, behind! I blame my energy exhausting job Smile
Caught up now though, only because it has been a ‘print out the photos and add a bit to it’ kind of a week. That’s why I like it though I guess. Looking back through the album quickly I realised that I am happy with the weeks that have a couple of filler pieces of pretty paper in as well.
Although I didn’t ‘do’ April due to Rich, I am so happy that I have kept up with it otherwise.
Week 21
Jen weekly details
What a lovely evening Saturday was, Mum had made a lovely salad for when I got home and by the time I had changed, there was a glass of wine waiting in the lovely warm garden. I am aware that I use the word lovely too much, but it is, well, lovely and I can’t/won’t stop.
I used the eclips to cut the title of Week 21 and stuck it onto the photo. I prefer doing the layout type but this was nice for a change. Photo of my team and Mum’s photos from the ipad. Space for her to add her journaling when done. She spent all day on Monday for the torch relay with Ali and his class and saw Louis there too.
Ali’s drawing that you can just at the top of the left hand side protector, he did it especially for project life. I love that he wanted to do that. I have a drawer where I put everything in for project life and he put it in there and kept looking at it to see if it was still there. He has been at his Dad’s and is home tomorrow, so I can’t wait for him to see it done. I hope he isn’t going to design his life around project life and what is going in there though Open-mouthed smileOr actually is that a good thing?
Week 22
 My week was dominated by work and the wedding. The excitement generated by the Jubilee and the warm weather meant work was crazy; trying to order enough stock, ensure the shop was ready for trade, the warehouse would cope and there was enough staff to cope with both the Jubilee and the wedding.
In an ordinary way the Jubilee would be enough to test us (I work for a supermarket in a busy seasonal village that increases by £100k when it’s sunny in the summer) but with my Services Manager getting married and half the staff going to the evening do and a lot of us (including me) going to the actual wedding it was incredibly testing. On top of that the Store Manager (my direct boss, and therefore I was acting in loco store mangeris) was on hols for 10 days arriving back the day before the wedding!
I really needed to use that exclamation mark. I was exclaiming.
When I arrived home each evening I was about fit to drop but had to try and fit in improving myself.
Moisturiser. Nail Polish. Practicing Putting On Make-Up. It all had to be done.
I was sensible though, I left the hair to the professionals. I arrived at the hairdressers at 09:50 for my 10:00 appointment on Friday. One of the stylists approached me to say that for the first time in ten years my stylist hadn’t arrived for work and they couldn’t get hold of her and they were actually quite concerned. There were also reports of a nasty accident so they were actually quite rightly concerned. They asked what I was having done….I said, well I am concerned for her too, but I am going to a wedding in 2 hours and waaaahaahhhaahh.
They were absolutely brilliant, the lady also waiting offered my stylist so we all came to a consensus that she would wait 15 minutes whilst I had my hair curled and I would not bother having it washed and cut.
I had just washed it. I just want to point that out Smile
Anyway, here it is.
The Bride, The Reception, The Rings and The Flowers. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous wedding and day.
The other side with the journaling, photo of the card I made them, photos of me (just because of all the effort Smile) and an insert photo protector (kindly given to me by Sue at our retreat) which has my invite to the wedding that I designed for them as a wedding present.)
Also the pyracanthus coming along nicely from last week.
Wow, are you still awake? Well done, I salute you. If you want to see the photos of the wedding in more detail (and the great job they did of my barnet!) then I posted them here.
Good night x


  1. Of course we are still here, we love reading this.
    I love the picture of you in your pretty dress, your lovely sandals, the super invitation and the fact that the pyracanthus is coming along nicely:) I also love that Ali puts a drawing in your drawer for your project life, and I love that you have a very lovely (to use that word) family.

  2. Jennie
    I don't always catch this 'other' blog and when I do it is such a lovely read, I must put it on my list so I catch it when you add something. I am just treading water while Col does a last minute product video at 11.35pm before everyone comes into work tomorrow!
    Next time you plan a trip to Cornwall make it a long day and see if you can get this far...promise a large pot of tea and stuff for the boys..I love your Project Life pages and hope / think that someday you will feel you have things to add in for April..time allows us to remember things and savour those memories, with sadness but also a smile..love ya K xx

    1. Awww to you too Kath, what lovely words, means a lot :)

  3. Jen, you are a lovely person and I love that you use 'lovely' a lot too because it suits you so well xx

    Wow, that Ali put his drawing in the drawer (where else would you put a drawing! lol) and so sweet that he checked if it was still there xx

    Those sandals are gorgeous :)

  4. What a delight !!! It's like sharing your life live. Fantastic pages and commenting. Love it, Jen. beautiful !
    Know what? I decided to start project life ... back from January ... and started sorted the photos out. Now, I have 20+ weeks to do, you never ever say again that you are late, lol !


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)