Monday, 11 June 2012

Card Week 24/”for some four suits of peach-coloured satin,”

I quite enjoyed making the card this evening, my ex-brother in law and his girlfriend had a baby girl last week, Gracie. Poor Sophie had a difficult time of it and I can empathise with that.

So I enjoyed making the new family a card to celebrate.

The challenge from Natty was from the prompt jar. Peach, Layers, Flowers. This threw me a bit as they aren’t my favourite things. Good old Dear Lizzy Neopolitan came to the rescue.

Week 24

Welcome Gracie Hart, let the fun and mischief begin.

So Shakespeare. Hmmm well I have a really random quote from the middle of a longer verse. I love that you can google Shakespeare and a word, in this case ‘peach’ from the card challenge, and you can come up with something.

“Then is there here one Master Caper, at the suit of Master Three-pile the Mercer, for some four suits of peach coloured satin, which now peaches him a beggar.” Measure For Measure Act 4 Scene 3.

I like that I know a little bit more about Measure For Measure and look forward to reading it, that will be a while off yet though, I have others I want to read and re-read first. I have started on Macbeth today, although many interruptions prevented me getting very far!

It shall be Terry Pratchett at bedtime though Winking smile And that time is now. Night xx


  1. I love the sentiment on your card:). I'm afraid I didn't understand the Shakespeare quote;(. Perhaps it's just too late at night to be thinking about it!

  2. Nor me really Susi, I don't think I shall try so hard to link it to the card challenge in future. Just whatever I have learned that week about him!

  3. Oooh that is some lovely peach-ness there - what a lush card. :D

  4. Congratulations on a new niece. Beautiful card. You are a true Shakespeare encyclopedia !!!

  5. Just gorgeous. And what a lovely name.
    Sue x


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)