Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Week In The Life: Mon&Tue

The title page to break the scrapping up in the album from the last story scrapped. I am including it in my yearly album. I generally scrap everything in one album chronologically, I generally have 3-4 albums a year, depending on how much scrapping I do. I generally do 12x12's for my favourite photos and then different divided page protectors for more day to day additional photos. I have copied Ali Edwards' love of 6x12 pages for the past year or so and often journal on those. I have done that this time too. I used the quote that Ali put up on her blog this Sunday as part of her One Little Word - Give project this year where she shares quotes. I am sure most of them would have been valid  for this project but of course this is the one that I saw this week.

On the reverse of this layout is a 12x12 with my favourite photo of Monday.
I will use this layout as an entry for UKS Monthly Challenge (I chose to use 2 photos, thickers, sequins and twine) 
I also used this gorgeous green lace and doily from a kit Sue made for us when I went to a crop on saturday. 
Then in a 6x12 protectors I put the journaling Facts on one page...

 And then the Feelings journaling on the next.
The additional photos are in a divided page protector next.

On the reverse of the divided page protector I started Tuesday with additional photos from the day. The colours were far too primary for my liking so I muted most of the photos. I was light on photos so I carved up some of the paper that I took out of the 12x12 that I used as a base for the main layout for the day.
 The 6x12 journaling pages...
 The colour was off as the light was way different by the time I took that photo 

And then the 12x12 on the opposite page for my favourite photo of the day and the final photo of the day.
I will use this layout to enter Sue's monthly challenge which is a sketch you can join in here.
I am so happy I have completed this much already, gives me hope that I will get it done 


  1. Love your scrap-a-thon Jen :) Lots to look at & read :) A lovely insight to the life & times of Jen ~ beautifully written x

  2. Looks really good. I like the mix of fully scrapbooked pages among the divided page protectors. I'm thinking about doing something like that myself

  3. Lovely post Jen but oh my, you do work hard both at home and at work, I'm not surprised your body was wiped out and aching.
    I love the pages you have made and like the idea of journalling about facts and your feelings.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous pages, as always. I do love to read your blog and see your photos :)

  5. It looks fantastic! You'll get there, for sure. Am I spotting some lovely family likenesses in those pictures?

  6. Well done on the coffee/fizzy battle (I keep promising to cut right down on or cut out bread, but it is sooo nice!). I hope you're enjoying your holiday

  7. Thanks for sharing these pages. I don't know how you fit it all in?! It's an inspiration

  8. I am amazed you can drink a litre of water so early in the day! And you manage to achieve such a lot too. Great job on making pages from your experience ...

  9. This is lovely Jen, really nice. Well done on getting it all finished, it looks amazing xx


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