Monday, 24 August 2015

Week In The Life: Wednesday

Wednesday was supposed to be my day off but it became clear from quite early on that I would have to go in in the evening. For this reason and that I was going to be having a busy weekend I tried to keep it a quiet one ☺️. It sure was eerily quiet with no children here.
A nectarine and a frothy coffee for breakfast. I have been trying to cut out sugar and have avoided coffee for a fortnight, but I felt like I needed a sugar hit this morning. I know that is nonsense and just an excuse to have sugar but my resistance was low as it always is after shifts and when I am tired, they do not suit me. One of my goals that I have been working on for a long time is to completely cut out fizzy drinks (check, I only have the occasional glass of lemonade), cut out coffee (getting there, but see above :-)) and just have water and fruit teas. I am so pleased with progress, but it is taking a long time and lots of will power to get over the horrendous headaches!
Getting Lauren's A Level books ready to put in the attic. Feeling for her as she works out what she has to do to realise her goals and not being able to 'fix' it for her.
You might have read my post here about joining the Women's Equality Party, I joined in today with a call to action. Joining in with a social media blast by fb'ing and tweeting my founding member card.
A shower and catching up with FB, blogs and Week In The Life. Feeling inspired by Ali Edwards' posts to keep going. A final job is to upload photos. Thinking that my expedit needs a serious tidy as everything is out. I will do it after my weekend away.
 My planner, I love it. It still has the power to get me more organised. 
Looking forward now that I am seeing the row of pink post-its for next weekend and week that indicate I am not working-So grateful for time off with my family, so frustrated that it isn't longer.
 Fudge having a nap. He has laid down at my feet for a good part of the day which is nice, I don't think he lies there much when I am out.
It is absolutely soaking wet outside, but I do love the colour of everything in the garden. I think briefly about how annoying it is going to be if it does keep up wet next week as I have a project in mind to move a flower bed, or two, put a few more pavers down and build a fire-pit. I won't be doing it in the rain!
 Loving the sight of raindrops on the plants.
Lunch, Ali is loving philly and crackers as well so that has been an easy new lunch or snack to give him. Of course he is not here today, so even easier!

 I had a nap, I was as tired as I look.
Watching some rubbish on tv as I rest. 
When Lauren came home from work she confessed to having had bars put in her wrists. I thought we were out of the piercing phase but it has come back with a vengeance :-) I can't say that I hate it, they kind of look pretty but I am too old I think to really see what the youngsters see!
I went into work as they were having an awful day to help recover the shop. I missed the bake-off, such an outrage! Thank heavens for the BBC iplayer! (and Sky Go and Sky+ and the internet in general!). I sat and painted my nails as I watched it before bed.


  1. Love your story telling Jen! 😊

  2. Yes I am too, I love the look of your coffee, Laurens wrist bars are making me wince at the thought and I dont know what an expedit is but I love seeing your planner and hearing about your life in more detail, and fudge is of course gorgeous.

  3. Sounds a busy time, I dislike piercings not in ears, I can just about cope with small nose studs but even they make me feel uncomfortable. The snack looks yummy & well done on making progress with the fizzy & coffee. x

  4. Your photos are so beautifully full of warmth and..well, life! Hoping you get a bit of a break and some rest and relaxation now (yes..I am working backwards..)


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)