Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Week In The Life: Tuesday

Tuesday: Thoughts & Feelings.
Thoughts: Up at 6:30am to blog and have a chill before the long day begins.
Feelings: Sad, both boys are going to be away from the house. Anxiety, a long day and a visit from the store director on Thursday. Tired, day 6 working, supposed to be a day off. Worried about my payroll error which has led to me working. Warmth, towards this Week In The Life project and Ali Edwards for her inspiration.
 Thoughts: How much longer for this journey. Stopping for a break at Taunton Deane Southbound Services.
Feelings: Exhausted, wanting to sleep, having to drive. I have for the past two years been unable to drive for longer than an hour and a half without needing a nap  
 Thoughts: Avocado and red pepper sandwich eaten on my knee, there is a definite theme of me eating on the go this week. 
Feelings: I had forgotten how good these sandwiches are, must put them into my lunch planning more often. 
Thoughts: Work tools. I am going in as we have a huge delivery and promotion change, so tools out, my case cutter and gloves (to try and protect my hands).
Feelings: Pleased to get on with it, tinged with irritation that it is a beautiful, beautiful day and I am indoors.
Thoughts: Good to be outside.
Feelings: Heart swell at the sky and glad I picked this time to pop over the bridge to get my car (we can only park outside my shop after 6pm and saves me ten minutes at the end of the night).

Thoughts: It is 00:45. Finally leaving the shop.
Feelings: It is 00:45!!! I can't wait to drive home for half an hour now  


  1. Aww, bless you, what a long day! Thanks for sharing your post on FB on Ali's WITL group, as that's how I found you.
    Shame you had to work on a beautiful day when you were anticipating a day off, though.

    1. Thanks Katie, I appreciate the comment and the thoughts :-)

  2. Sounds like a hard day. I hope your mind was easier by the end of it


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)