Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Is one of the best ways to spend the day with a curious 6 year old. I would like to stop him now, just stop him and enjoy his 6 year old-ness forever.

He, Ali, had enjoyed a school trip down to the rockpools. he was so enthused we had to take him again.

PAWSF Paper week 12

Apologies for the poor photo.

He was quite normal for the first part of the trip but when the tide completely receded we could walk around from Larkstone beach where we started to the harbour beach (which is an unpleasant kind of work-harbour beach).

He totally went into school-marm mode and gave me a guided tour as if he was the teacher, he didn’t come out of his role-play and he totally repeated the whole class, and I would say he did it verbatim. He did not embellish or deviate but did the whole thing…..v. wierd. Erm…I learnt a lot though…so much for me teaching him *sniff*

On the way we saw a lobster claw with elastic bands tied around it, it must have come from the harbour-side fish shop, because I can’t imagine any seaside scenario which includes the lobsters putting their hair/claws up.

I suppose though that just because I can’t imagine it, don’t mean it don’t happen


I’d also like to say that that very claw is not mouldering away in the crab bucket outside the back of our house, but it wouldn’t be true so I won’t say it.

We also saw a dead fish, a fresh dead fish,


that was having it’s eyes pecked out by seagully gully when we returned Sick smile The six year old? Not phased at all.

A jellyfish or two, some of them with their stingers laid out


it was superb, if surreal.

Back to the actual rockpooling. I caught an amazing shot on the camera. I couldn’t repeat it if you asked, I can claim no glory, I was so worried about missing a shot by practicing on manual that I set the camera to auto for a lot of shots and I got this beauty.

Erm….for some reason I have just deleted the whole folder of photos.

I have searched the gallery, and I haven’t swiped it into a nearby folder with my clumsiness, I have searched the recycle bin, but I don’t really understand the recycle bin, everything is in there except this folder of photos! I’m off to search Flickr and hope I uploaded them before I did for ‘em.


I did, praise be, now lets see if I can link from there, doubtful Winking smile

Oooo I did it. Now look how it has stars in the reflections on the top right hand corner. I soooo wish I could say that I did a smashing filter job on it but I didn’t. Just happy happenstance. Of course I had to use stars on the layout to reflect it and the star turn/wierd turn Ali put on.

It was a superb afternoon out and I hope you enjoyed it too!


  1. A fabulous layout and a lovely story. Well done to Ali for listening so carefully to his teacher and being able to pass that knowledge on to his Mum.

  2. Just brilliant! All of it!
    Sue x


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)