Wednesday, 20 July 2011


ImageA new class by Shimelle. I love ‘em.

I haven’t had the best couple of days so this has been just the tonic today.


This is the playbook which is nice and simple.

The first page is the self-portrait of my camera and I. I like everyone else was not too enthused by this, but I think we are all glad we have done it.

As I say, I am exhausted, not helped by my eldest son, waking me at 4:45 this morning having had a nightmare.

Incidentally, my youngest son woke me by banging on the wall between our rooms on Sunday night. I rushed in in my sleepy state to see what was troubling the poor chap.

“Can you put the blanket over me, Mummy?”

Erm…fortunately for us both, but especially for him, it was about 1:50 so I did get back to sleep quite quickly.

Anyway, I’m putting it off.










There all better now.

Our last ‘job’ was to make a note of how we feel and pop that in, as I had a few choice things to ask myself about how i’m feeling and doing, i’ll keep it to myself. I have inflicted enough upon you.


  1. I am awe of your playbook is stunning!! Love the self portrait too & see that you're a Canon girl too! :)

  2. That's a lovely picture of you, Jen, and you play book looks super.
    Sue x

  3. Your playbook is gorgeous x as is the photo :) much better than mine - it took ages to get the angle right so in the end I just went for the best of the bunch!!!! xx

  4. You've made me giggle out loud with your post, it's wonderful as is your playbook .... And your photo ;)

  5. I loved seeing your self portrait this morning! I'm catching up after being away and it's been a pleasure to see all "Shimelle's faces" as I make my way round blog world.

    I'm very glad you found your rock pool photos again. Phew!

  6. I dont quite get what you're doing with the book as I'm not in the class, but it looks good! - as do you! ;)

  7. I love your playbook it's fab!!!!!! and well done on the self portrait I think like you said we all found that tough :-)

  8. Lovely Playbook cover... red and kraft is a fave of mine..very pretty. See you in class,
    Mandy McK(Moogieof4)

  9. This is a lovely playbook! and hope you enjoy the exploring. :) I may be joining in, if I can find the time to read the prompts!

  10. I love your album cover!!! Very nice picture!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)