Sunday, 3 July 2011

Storytelling Sunday

Sian is awesome and as part of running her lovely blog she hosts a Storytelling Sunday feature. Now I am guessing you know that already but if you don’t then you should head over there and, oh, take a coffee with you.
I decided to join in when I heard about it but then Dad became very ill and died as some of you will know. I did share that tale/blogpost last month, but it was all very raw and so I was late posting it. If you are interested then it is here.
So I have been ‘humming and hawing’, or ‘umming and awing’ over what to tell you.
I decided that I like photo-heavy or at least photo-included stories so I headed over to my gallery to see what I could see-see-see.
erm… that didn’t work,
I then thought I would share with you the first chapter of the book I have tried to write and ask for some constructive feedback from you guys.
So that got me to thinking about where it might be in the ether?
I wrote it when I moved home a few years ago and I loved it, I didn’t think it was brilliant, but I enjoyed writing it and reading it. I haven’t looked at it or worked at it for about 2 years so where on earth is it?
At that point I thought, how awful if Jo Rowling had just let herself lose her focus on her manuscript OR LOSE IT and Harry was never to be in my life.
Then I had a reality check and thought ‘my manuscript isn’t like that’….and here is why not;
1) I am no Jo Rowling.
2) I am not driven like Jo Rowling and do not write every minute to get it done, even in a cafe with a small child.
3) I am not driven like Jo Rowling because I do not know where my manuscript is and it is not on any computer that exists anymore.
4) I have allowed that story to sit pretty much fully formed and sprawling in it’s entirety, in my mind.
I actually have butterflies in my tummy that I have lost it all entirely, I think it was in the back of my mind that one day I would get it out, dust it down and turn it into a quality novel.
2 hours later:  I have found the hard copy!
Now I have butterflies in my tummy because I now want to work on it. I think if that is the first thing I have learnt from Storytelling Sunday then it has to be good.
So I guess that this is my first entry into the Storytelling Sunday canon;
‘How I entered the Storytelling Sunday canon’. Embarrassed smile


  1. Well, good for you for starting I say! I'll look out for that book in a couple of years then!

  2. Well you can put my name down for one of the first copies please! I would love to read it because if you can write a story about writing a story and have us cheering you on by the end it's definitely going to be a cracking tale!

    Thank you for joining in Storytelling Sunday today and for your lovely words. And have a great Sunday.

  3. my friend kate is a writer and she started small. she went to writing classes and joined lots of clubs. she has had one novel published and been chairperson of the crime writers guild. it took her a long time but she got to her dream in the end,
    go for yours too xxx
    jo xxx

  4. Glad you found it - I hate that sick to the pit of your stomach feeling when you worry that something has really, really got lost - and looking forward to seeing something of it another Sunday!

  5. Good luck with your first novel:)

  6. Oh do hope you manage to write the whole book that will be great.

  7. Yeah, I'm so glad you found it. There's nothing worse than losing something except perhaps when it's something creative that probably can't be redone to be as good as the original. Good luck with you WIP!

  8. Glad you found it! Looking forward to reading it when it is finished :)

  9. So glad you found it...I'm the world's worst for putting things in a 'safe' place and never finding them again! Good luck with the book
    Alison xx

  10. If only we could all remember where we put things 'in a safe place' - we could save ourselves so much time, trouble and frustration! Be sure to share your story as soon as you have it up and running on your computer.

  11. What a cool post! A story about a story (that may or may not still exist).
    So glad you found your MS, even if it is only the hard copy - at least you can copy it onto your computer now, make sure of a good, safe "saved copy" and carry on from there! Good luck and keep us informed!
    And as there is only one Jo Rowling, there must be room in the world, for there to be one You as well!

  12. What a lovely story - I'm looking forward to reading some of your own written book now :)

  13. If your story is anything like the way you write on your blog it will be fab and I for one will look forward to reading it:) Good luck on writing the next few chapters.

  14. I am really exited for you! Good luck with the book and I hope you are the next JK ROwling xxx

  15. So sorry for the loss of your father, and best of luck with your book, although I think it's lots for about hard work than luck. Thanks for sharing! (and stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!)

  16. Well that is wonderful and happy you are finding the inspiration to carry on!

  17. Love this tale! As a working writer, the advice I'd give you is 'Write! Write! Write!'. The more you exercise your writing muscle, the stronger it will get.

  18. Delighted you have found your manuscript! Hope you can get back into it now, and keep working on it ... Looking forward to reading it one day!

  19. So glad you found it. That sinking feeling when you think you've lost something is the pits. It seems I'm forever forgetting where my "safe places" are.

  20. Looking forward to reading the chapter when you feel ready to share it


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