Wednesday, 31 August 2011



Thank you Nigella. When you convince me to make a cake, you do me proud. This cake was for Louis’ 11th birthday, so had to be good. The only guidance he gave me was that it was to be chocolatey.

It took me a while to make the cake as I was taking a few digital photoshop classes on good old youtube and vimeo whilst making it Open-mouthed smile


I was good and lined the tins properly. I don’t always do as i’m told but I always do as Nigella and Delia say, as they know best. Not in a know-it-all way, just in a know best way.


The chef whisking cream and butter together.

I can’t be trusted (because I am learning photoshop).


Chucking, erm, pouring carefully the cocoa/butter mix in.


Is that choc on your lips Mr Tester?


Mr Paul Hollywood would say that the cracks mean that i’ve over baked it.

So good job he’s not judging and my kid is Open-mouthed smile


Bit of ganache-y scrummy will cover it up.


And a cake made for a smashing boy who i’m so proud of.

I am very grateful to him that he has grown out of Thomas the Tank Engine and other difficult cakes!



  1. Your cake looks absolutely delish and I think you ought to make one and bring it to the retreat so we can see if it tastes as good as it looks.

    Unfortunately my children didn't grow out of novelty cakes until they were in their teens and Holly had a gingerbread house for her 21st!

  2. Mmmm, I am licking my lips here! Any left over?

  3. Jen how do you make such an ordinary thing as cake making sound so special. Your writing talent is fab.
    Sue x

  4. Lining tins is definitely one of my least favourite jobs! It certainly looks like it was worth it though

  5. Wow that looks great - I had a go at the Mary Berry Chocolate Roulade at the weekend and that turned out great too - kitchen didn't look too good afterward :0)
    Love my Chef too!

  6. Yes, as Sue said, reading your blog is a treat, you make it all sound brill. It looks pretty brill too and your tasty has the cutest face.

    more blogging please.

  7. I didn't grow out of shaped cakes, but my dad grew out of making them!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)