Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Explore + Photoshop = Productive day :)

My goal this week for the Explore class is to plan crop/workshop to get some local ladies interested. I have a lot of people at work who have expressed an interest and there is always room for a few new scrappers isn’t there?


Anyway, I was trying to make my own blinkie and branding to tie the crop/workshop together and veered off into learning more about Photoshop and I have had the best day Smile

I have started work on the blinkie and then I decided to process some of my less than great photos into something scrappable.

We went to the beach one evening for some fresh air, it wasn’t overly warm but it was ok. The photos ended up over-exposed and washed out.

Louis digging.


After I had messed about with it in RAW and added some layers.

Louis beach

Alex looking grumpy thoughtful.



Alex Moody_1

I’m off to do some more, I’m hooked! I am going to try the hipstamatic look as well soon as I haven’t an iphone yet. Yet.


  1. These look wonderfullly moody and atmospheric post-processing! And good luck with getting a scrapping class going ...


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)