Sunday, 7 August 2011

Carnival of the Sea

This is my Explore layout for week two of the class.


Alex had his Carnival of the Sea a few weeks ago, an annual tradition at the Infants School, Mr Tucker dresses as Neptune or Poseidon (not sure which) and the classes dress in a turquoise/blue theme, pirates etc.


I didn’t get to go this year, as I chose Louis’ last sport’s day instead; (wrong choice as it turns out as Louis’ was rained off Annoyed)

The layout is a bit of a cheat……….

Outrageous I know.

I made this layout of the event last year and as you can see I didn’t journal on it……I didn’t like the journaling part of a scrapbook page.


I have seen the light Light bulb (Shimelle helped with that in another class, Blogging for Scrapbookers, I think).

This year I have added the journaling from that day IYSWIM.


A close-up of the photo embellishment that Shimelle prompted us to try, a great idea that I will use again.


I didn’t use a full size photo of this shot as it is not in focus. I had left the camera in manual mode and Mum didn’t notice until she got home, fortunately she checked and so got the close-ups of him at home.

Next year will be the last year one of my children will be in the Carnival of the Sea, I wonder what my scrapbook ‘style’ will be then?


  1. I sooo love his freckles! Fabulous work, Jen.
    Sue x

  2. Your Carnival layouts are great and I love the look on your son's face.

  3. This is gorgeous - I love the stars and circles together. And those freckles are definitely cute - lovely close-ups xx

  4. Both lovely layouts. I've just watched the video for shimelles embellishment and can't wait to have a play

  5. Lovely layouts! I love how you used the photo in your embellishment!!! Fabulous work!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)