Friday, 26 August 2011

Pokey Stick


Ali loves a pokey stick (any object that is some form of a stick/pole/wand/sword) that he can wield.

He uses his imagination and it runs wild when he has a pokey stick. One minute he is a jedi, then a wizard, then a warlord, then……an annoying small child that has to be reigned in Winking smile

The reason I’m blogging this is this picture I stumbled across today when trying to choose a beach photo for a challenge layout.

Here is my little Ali, 9 months old, first trip to the beach 2005.

He is wielding the windmill I bought him to poke the windbreak. I would never have bought Louis a windmill – I was super-crazy-protective Mum and would never have let him have such a thing Open-mouthed smile

By the time Ali got to this stage I was much more chilled and let him explore much more.

He has never stopped being fascinated by pokey sticks though, anything can become a pokey stick, actual sticks from the park or walks, ends of broken spades, built lego sticks, though not robust and don’t last long. Rolled up bits of cardboard, pens and pencils, torches, recorders,  etc etc.

He loves ‘em and flourishes ‘em. It will be well worth the quids required (26!!!) to get him an actual Harry Potter wand made of wood that they are flogging in an insert with the DVD of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows P1 he found and desperately wants for his b’day.


I painted and glittered some letters and chipboard arrows to add detail and draw attention to what gibberish I am on about.

I also de-saturated the photo to match the feel of the layout I was going for and to make the close-up pic stand out.

Ali & The Pokey Tool LO

Look at the sun-creamed-greasy little chubster. I swear I could just gnaw on him. Oh no, I can’t, he’s 6 now and would object.


  1. LoL! isn't it great to be able to pull out a picture and remember something from when they were little and make a layout?

  2. Aww I love this Jen - I love the layout of course, I love the fact that you have noticed this about him and scrapped him with pokey stick, but best of all I love the way you have blogged it and written it in the first place and I laughed out loud twice which isnt bad for someone with NSOH. This is fab and yes, he does look cute.

  3. I love your story and I love your layout. I like how you've cut the paper in to 4 and the paint and baker's twine. Oh and the font you've used for the beach - I could go on.....

  4. I love all of it too. Wasn't he absolutely scrummy? xx

  5. What a great re-discovery, and a super story. Have you thought of enrolling him in fencing classes? :)


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)