Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Cosy Cinema.

We are fortunate enough to still have an independent cinema in our town. We are a smallish seaside town and Vue or the others would never come here, in fact the nearest is a good hour away.
I love movies, I used to think everyone does but I have met quite a few people that don't as a rule. I was thinking about writing this post today about how although I think I will watch all sorts, but actually, it isn't true anymore.
I won't watch horror movies anymore but I loved them as a youngster. Pet Sematary? I loved that movie, watched it a few times, I wouldn't watch it now. 18 rated movies? I would think carefully before watching one, I can count on the fingers of one hand how many I have watched in recent years. Wolf Of Wall Street was admired rather than enjoyed.
But general family, action, adventure, thriller, military, romance, fantasy, I lap it all up. 
April Snapfish Order
When I was small I remember Dad taking me to watch Star Trek, far too frightening for me 
I remember my big cousins taking me to see The Jungle Book and then being gently teased because I was crying, I was mortified 
I remember the saturday morning 'Kids Session' for 50p to keep us off the streets I suspect. There was the Pearl & Dean music, cartoons, The Red Hand Gang serial and then a movie, with great excitement if it was new. There were sweets and I can't remember their name, in a box with chocolate covering and soft centres and I could never decided which flavour to get.
I remember going to see Pretty In Pink 3 times in one week with my friend and desperately wanting to be Andie, I still listen to two songs from the soundtrack regularly! Pretty In Pink by The Psychedelic Furs and If You Leave by OMD in case you are wondering.
I remember going to see Jurassic Park with my boyfriend and taking his little brother and sister to see it.
I remember trekking across London with my best friend (it was after dark and we hadn't been out at night before) to go see Trainspotting at the only cinema we could score tickets. The Tube was covered in the characters faces and the orange advertising they used. Even now after all these years the Underworld Born Slippy music plays in my head as I think of it. That track is still listened to frequently...I see a pattern.

A local family ran the cinema for about 30 years as a true independent but ticket sales eventually meant they had to close the doors as it was so run down, it was a horrible vicious circle to see. 
A smaller independent chain called Merlin took over and renovated it from 1 big screen to 4 screens. One large auditorium, 2 smaller rooms and then what we call the Cosy Cinema, leather sofas and chairs, a proper table for your popcorn and plenty of legroom.
We know we have struck gold when the film we want to see comes up with the magic Screen 7 (I must ask why it is called that when there are only 4!) 
They have a Movie Magic card so you get money off, even more on particular days and times. And we try and go as often as we can to support them and because we love it. I would ideally go every week and just watch what was on, we used to do that as teens as it was something to do, but it isn't always possible. However we do go once or twice a month.
Last month we went to see Insurgent. I wasn't blown away but it was ok. It was in Screen 7 though so it was all the better for that.
Do you enjoy the cinema?
  12x12 Scrapbook Layout Webster's Pages The Nest

More scrapping for challenges on UKS this one was for the Simple Recipe Challenge devised by Leo. I always look forward to doing this one and it went perfectly with The Nest papers from Webster's that I have been cutting to death.

I have another question. How on earth do you peel off and place the bling correctly, if you look at mine you will see it went wrong, it looks like a tired octopus, but it looked great on the cellophane. Any tips gratefully received as I think they are lovely, and I have some more 


  1. No I dont like films Jen, I struggle to concentrate for all the way through,and if they take place in a darkened room and comfy chair such as a cinema, then I would just drop off to sleep (last film I saw at cinema was skyfall and I feel asleep loads of times in that). However I liked reading your blogpost about films, would love to see Insurgent cos I loved the books and I adored your layout, what divine paper again, I must get that.

    1. Well I have been known to drop off if it isn't holding my attention or it is too late at night :-)

  2. I would never in a million years have bought that paper because I wouldn't know how to use it but what you have done is stunning and I absolutely love it.
    I do enjoy going to the cinema - when I was a child it was 6d and children's films were shown on a Saturday but I wasn't usually allowed to go. Nowadays it is a rare event because it is so expensive if you don't have one of those cards.
    I loved reading all about your cinema experiences :)

    1. Aww, thanks Susi, I am glad you like it :-)
      Yes, it is expensive, I can get in for £3, but if I take the kids, although they don't cost much more in tickets it is the popcorn and drinks that cost a bomb!

  3. I can still remember the first time I went to the cinema, ever, for a friend's birthday, to see "The Apple Dumpling Gang"..and your story of Pretty in Pink reminded me that I was just telling TSO the other day that I went to see Risky Business three times. I love those songs you mentioned too. Great post!

  4. I do love the cinema but for us it is one of the big ones that costs an arm a leg and some more. I can buy the dvd for less than it would cost for just 2 of us to go. I went loads as a kid - it was such an adventure as we caught the bus on our own to the local town (it stopped outside the cinema otherwise my Mum wouldn't have let us do it!) In those days you could take your own bag of sweets and drinks. Do you remember the kiora advert 'too orangey for crows, it's just for me and my dog' and 'peeeeaaaaanuts, they're jungle fresh'?
    We have Netflix and there is nothing i like better than settling down to a film - I'm watching Pirates of the Caribbean yet again now!

  5. Also meant to say that i love the page - I can't cope with papers like that, I never know where to start or how to cut them, you've done a fab job.

  6. Oh yes yes yes the kiora crows!!! Love it.
    Another reason to treasure our independent.
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a lovely comment :-)

  7. What a lovely Lo. The egg back ground paper works well with everything well done . I would have struggled with that paper & just kept it to look at.

  8. Thank you Jill, and thank you for leaving a comment :-)


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)