Friday, 15 May 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole


A few things that have caught my eye.

This app has stopped me losing my marbles with having change, fetching change, being late etc.

I made these from Pinterest, they are delicious and surprisingly filling, if you like peanut butter, flapjack and coconut then I recommend, they have kept a week in the fridge really well and took about 5 mins to make. 

I'm thinking of reading this next, I have heard great things about the book and the film.

Have you seen the new Stamping' Up! in-colours? Susi has a great set of cards to showcase them here. I love the Watermelon Wonder, Mint Macaron and Tip-Top Taupe.

My generational view in one post, although I do let my kids out to the park with their friends. I really should make them watch Ski Sunday, Songs Of Praise, Antiques Roadshow and Lovejoy all in a row on a sunday evening without touching their phones, see how they like it. But then I would have to do it too. Sorry Ski Sunday and Antiques Roadshow, I like you now.


  1. I was interested to read that post you linked. My kids do understand tuckshops and do carry pencil cases, so maybe all hope is not lost. She did such a great job of conjuring up those little things, though..Smash Hits? i used to cut out the lyrics and stick them on my bedroom wall

  2. Tuesday was the day to be at the newsagents, one of us used to be in charge of buying it and I remember us lying around on the grass at school, the girls and the boys, learning them and laughing when we were so wrong!

  3. The film was amazing...sure the book is good too. Songs of Praise and Ski Sunday's, what memories! Watermelon wonder is my fav new SU colour....think I may have to try those flapjacks....wonder how many syns they are on SW??!! Love and hugs Sarah xx

    1. Good to know you enjoyed the film Sarah. I am not sure about the syns, but they are 130 cals. Hugs back, I hope you are ok. xx

  4. that book looks good Jen, have added it to my list too but am very behind with reading anything except facebook !


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)