Friday, 8 May 2015

Down The Rabbit Hole

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my recent posts, I really do appreciate it and I am pretty sure I have replied to all of you. 

Here are a few things that have caught my eye.

1. I watched this a few days ago on BBC iPlayer. I was mesmerised by the end. I have seen this before in real life when I was a kid but I had forgotten what an art and craft it is. There are two others in the series, Metal and Wood so far and I am looking forward to watching them. A reality series I can get onboard with.

2. I was overly excited about Princess Charlotte and I couldn't help smiling over her alternative birth certificate.

3. Sue's Sketch Challenge is up and it's great as usual. 

4. I have been making a new patio and dreaming of this type of planting. #gettingthere.

5. I listened to this podcast which led to me joining this
A few weeks ago I was in a situation that made me stand still in shock with what a man who is young enough to be my son said carelessly and with no filter. It brought me up short that at least some of the next generation aren't changed in their views towards women in the workplace; I have thought about it and worried about it a lot. So, timely and inspirational, I am going to follow along and see what happens. What if...

Thanks for reading 


  1. I've made a cup of tea so I can watch the glass video, so thanks for that - it looks fab. I'm not so sure about the Sandi one, I'll need to listen to that another time I think.
    I love the garden, who wouldn't want plants like that? They are so gorgeous and the colours beautiful. Your little patio turned out brilliantly didn't it?
    I hadn't seen the alternative birth certificate - that made me LOL!
    The sketch is fab as usual and I have given it a whirl so thanks for that.

    Super post as always Jen, thank you.

  2. Thanks Susi, I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the glass video :)

  3. I saw the glass programme and the metal one, too. Fascinating. I have liked and followed the WE page - thank you for the heads up. And thank you also for the plug for my blog challenge.
    Sue xx

  4. Another reality tv fan Sue, who would have thought it of us. You are welcome. x

  5. A lovely post...I am halfway through watching the glass one... But the dogs need walking so will save the rest for later. Great garden photo too. I've done Sues sketch challenge too... She's good at designing them isn't she. Fab blog post..thanks

  6. Yes she is good at it. Thanks for the lovely comment :-)

  7. oh no, I cant see the programme or even what its about (i presume glass from the above comments) as iplayer wont work overseas and I am in France, but a lovely blog post as usual Jen and I so love your down the rabbit hole image saying about the cake. fabulous. I would love that sort of planting too but all I get is the weeds it seems.

    1. Thanks Maria. What a shame about the iplayer. The programme is filmed in real time without commentary or music and just shows him making this glass vase.

  8. I missed the glass programme when it was on, but J thought enough of it to tell me about it when I got home. I'll have to see if it's still on iplayer


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)