Sunday, 15 May 2016

Week In The Life Friday Photos

A slow day for photos, It was a full-on work day and then more or less straight to bed day after my late shift on Thursday.

I drink a mocha this morning while getting ready for work.
I love them, but they are so sugary and I am trying to cut sugar so I try not to have too many. Some weeks I utterly fail at this.

I talk to Louis before school and he brings out a report from his ICT GCSE. With one module left to do he is at 75%. As long as he does well on the last one he should get at least a C Grade.
I love that he feels proud. 

I feel both tired and excited for work. There is so much I want to achieve today. Everyone else is in a great mood. We have some delivery issues which are a major irritant for our customers so we get that dealt with, I make pay adjustments, run payroll, check my forecasting and adjust budgets for the remainder of the quarter accordingly and then spend the rest of the day briefing the team. It's a values based session and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank them, celebrate success and tell them how proud I am of them.
I love how that felt.

I drag home, I neglected to eat anything except a few grapes although I did drink a couple of litres of water. I am so hungry when I get home that I have a few crackers and butter whilst dinner is cooking. I have chicken, potato salad and corn on the cobs. It was delicious. Mum and I wandered around the garden amazed all over again at how it grows at this time of year. I must get some detail photos on Sunday when I'm home.

Bedtime at 8:30pm.
I love how comfortable that felt.

It was a great Friday 

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