Thursday, 12 May 2016

Week In The Life Wednesday Photos

An very wet walk with Minty.
I love early mornings, even when they are wet.

A bedraggled Minty

Out to check on our plants and open the 'greenhouse' cover. All looking good. This is my first year growing things myself rather than just admiring Mum's green fingers and...
I love growing things.

Mum trying to take Fudge for a walk while I surf the net and wave goodbye to the boys. They both make their own way to school today.

DIY getting the tongue and groove battening on, wondering how I am going to solve the problem of going past the fitted cupboard I made last week. Mum solves it. She paints some more, the mirror this time. It's final coat.
I drink my breakfast smoothie. All time favourite, I have it most days. *Banana, 1/4 cup Flahavans oats, Whole peanut or almond butter, almond or coconut milk. (sometimes coffee powder or cocoa powder in)*
I love my smoothie.
I love my new Bosch Multi-tool. I certainly couldn't have done this project without it.

The Sparky turns up unexpectedly but most welcomed as we need the bathroom lights sorted before the Plumber comes at the end of the month to fit the new bathroom.
It means I cannot get on with the porch as they are coming and going so I stop for lunch and then blog my first two days of week in the life. I try to watch Peaky Blinders but i'm too absorbed in blogging (miss it very much) and so I listen to Vaughn Williams' The Lark Ascending.
I love this piece of music, it always chills me out. (I noticed I was listening to it last week in the life too, so clearly a favourite)

Mum comes home from the hospital from having her eyes checked. She goes every six months. Good news is she can go back to the daily dose eye drops. The other type were feeling gritty.
We have a coffee and admire the new lights and think a bit about the bathroom and then the tracker says that the bathroom is nearly here. So excited. The delivery men are great.
I love our new bathroom and it is all in order except we are not sure about the shower head, it's a tad lame. We will consider this as the budget starts to blow. It will certainly be fine for now.

We go back to the diy and manage to do all the tricky work. Another half an hour might have got it finished, but I feel shaky from all the ladder+power tool work and better to stop than have an accident. Oh there might have been some swearing too 
I love finishing for the day.
I had a shower and watched half an episode of Peaky Blinders while I wrote up my notes for the day for when I scrap week in the life and then fell into bed exhausted. Listened to a freakonomics podcast episode on grit and how to improve it. I might need it with all the kids exams, the bathroom and work  I only heard a bit of it though and then fast asleep (looking every one of my years )

A very good Wednesday 


  1. A lovely blog post :) I love how you just get on & do it Jen the builder :) And now Jen the gardener x

  2. Wow, it's a very busy WITL there. I think a little swearing can be overlooked when there is so much progress being made. Well done you and yours!!

    1. Yes my family overlooked it (and mentioned how like my Dad I was :)). Thanks for leaving a comment Susanne :)

  3. fab work on the panelling Jen the builder and your greenhouse looks lovely and full. Bless Fudge for not wanting to be walked!

    1. He is getting a grumpy old dog, he was happy to go when the sun was shining later :)

  4. If your weather was anything like ours I'd have stayed indoors if I could too (unfortunately the kids needed collecting from school! )
    Love your storytelling and look forward to tomorrow's xx

  5. Great looking plants, the bathroom will be fab xx

    1. I hope so Linds, I am getting a tad anxious now! x

  6. It's great to see you back blogging, and with a project I know you excel at. I can still remember all your lovely pictures from last year.

    Peaky Blinders is a favourite here too

    1. How lovely of you to remember Sian :) Yes, I cannot believe I haven't been watching it before!

  7. Another great read, Jen you really are multi talented :D


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)