Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Week In The Life Tuesday Photos

Get ready for work and commute there.
I love that I got to hear and record the dawn chorus. In the depths of winter at that time even the birds aren't up. Very sensible too.

Work like a loony. Tuesdays are hard as we have so many things happening that we don't have other days. I have tried to move as many as I can but we are stuck with how it is for the moment.
I love that my team worked so hard and so effectively 

Go to B&Q for more wood trim ( I am going to have a most excellent wood stash by the time I have finished the porch )
I love being able to DIY.
Despite my best intentions to keep awake all day I just need to sleep, so kiss the boys (get completely frisked and fleeced by them, bye bye £ coins from purse) and tuck straight into bed.
I love them more than I love my £ coins 

Sit and chat and wander about the house a bit to try and wake up before my run. Alex announces that he would like to come too. I feel a flash of annoyance that it probably won't manage to be as long as I would like but dampen it straight down and say great and smile. How much longer before he won't want to come.
I love that he still wants to come.

Running, ok, shuffling.
Alex was amazing he ran all the way, apart from where he needed to walk as I was going so slowly. 'Mum, why don't you try moving your legs a bit further apart?' great advice kiddo, 'Because I am concentrating on not stopping mainly' 
He was such amazing company. I thought he was just coming for a break but he obviously had ideas about coaching me. Now I have been running for about 14 years on and off and I know everything there is to know about my first 15 minutes of mental struggle on each run. It's never really that bad but bad enough to know about it. Well he was such a great coach, 'Look at me Mum, don't take your eyes off me', 'Try and breathe Mum'... 'i'll distract you, what if Nan found a new tree and there was a fruit on it that no-one had ever seen before would you eat it or give it to a scientist?' I  am pretty sure I have never been asked that question before.
Anyway, it absolutely worked in that I was distracted. The first 15 minutes being hard, no I doubt that is ever going to change  For my training for a 10k in July I was supposed to do 4.6km but he pushed me on another 0.6 so we ended up doing 5.2km so we were pleased with that.

Dinner of left over coconut curry and Alex had a hot chocolate and played Terraria. We chatted with Nan about our conversations and he did a very good imitation of my shuffle. Then they had a good laugh when I got up and one of my knees gave up 
Shower, moisturised and pyjamas on, then caught up with the other WITLifers on fb. Watched an episode of Peaky Blinders and curled gratefully into bed.
I love laughing with my family.

A great Tuesday  


  1. Love this!....sorry I've not joined you this year! X

    1. Thanks Sarah, there is always next year :)

  2. Well done Alex on encouraging Mum to run and get through that first difficult bit.
    Lovely reading again Jen.

  3. Lol, a new fruit 😂 Xx

    Sounds a tiring old day xx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)