Friday, 13 May 2016

Week In The Life Thursday Photos

I love that I am not sweating about photos and stories, I just seem to be getting it done. 4 days done, 3 days to go.

I was bone tired this morning from all the excitement and busy-ness of yesterday. I would have dearly liked to stay in bed 

I walked Minty, it was still drizzly and one of the neighbours wasn't paying attention to his dog and she pinned Minty down as we went past. It gave us quite a moment. She was ok though. I felt in a bit of a daze.

I blogged my wednesday while having my breakfast. A big breakfast today as I am trying to eat regularly and on my late shift I am awful. So I made myself poached egg on toast. That should see me through until dinner at work with some fruit at lunchtime.
I then did a few chores and Mum and I despaired about how the house is topsy-turvy again and will be for a while during the decorating and bathroom fitting etc.
I love that we have the opportunity to be topsy-turvy and fix the expletive leak.

The hall now has the decorating stuff and the new rad for the bathroom in it.
I went into the boys room to see how devastated that was and that led me to send a group message to the family with instructions for how tidy it was to be when I got home from work. Please avert your eyes now...

I love our new hashtag for messages #familymatters it covers a few meanings 
It got a bit of banter going between us all while I was at work this evening so that was good.

I rested for half an hour and then showered and sat quietly watching some more Peaky Blinders and had a coffee whilst I got ready for work. My new fringe has gone into a bit of a cow-lick which it hasn't done since I was a kid I don't think *sigh* I just go with it 

Commute to and from work and obviously work. I do not stop although a good 5 hours is catching up and planning so at least that was sit down work.
00:00 -01:00
Technically Friday but still my thursday, I can't switch off so I make my homemade pizza and have a Thatchers Gold with a candle burning and write this post. 
I love finishing for the day.

A good Thursday 

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Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)