Sunday, 15 May 2016

Week In The Life Saturday Photos

Despite being so tired on Friday evening and going to bed early, I didn't feel awesome on saturday morning. I knew I would be out all day so was trying to use a fuddled brain to pack everything that was needed. One piece of documentation I forgot to pack would be needed later...*sigh*

I felt a bit scattered trying to get my thoughts together and the drive in through the valley was just the thing. Beautiful trees with their new leaves and the sun shining through them. Past the bluebell wood, the beautiful shining river. I listened to my audio book, chuckling, such great writing about such a familiar cast of characters.
I love Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Gamache novels.

At work I was so happy to have a day pottering about the shop. Fixing details, moving trade areas about, collaborating with the team to get their ideas on what we could do differently and getting some great ideas. Serving customers (also in a great mood with the weather) 
I love Saturdays at work, although I would much rather be home at the weekend with the children, it is generally a good day at work. I have not prepped any lunch and I am cross that I didn't bring the rest of my chicken, potato salad and corn on the cob. I resort to the dreaded sandwich, crisps and chocolate.

After work Danni (my deputy manager) and I got a lift from Ricky (one of my team leaders) over to Bideford to start the Nightwalk, a charity fundraising walk for our local hospice. It was 11 miles through the evening and into the late night. Neither of us had done it before so we didn't know what to expect. We were really impressed with the organisation and everyone was very friendly. 
The theme was Let Yourself Glow and we all dressed up, Danni did a great job of getting us tutus and neon face paint. Clearly we need to up our game for next year as there were women lit up from head to toe with fairy lights, glowing clothes, flashing headgear 

I finally got home about 00:30 and fell exhausted into bed 

I love trying something new.
I love long walks.
I love leg warmers. I am bringing them back for the over forties 

A very good Saturday 


  1. Gosh, your energy levels leave me gasping. You did 11 miles into the night after a Saturday at work?! I'm with you on the leg warmers..I can see a market for socks without feet and that way I wouldn't have to turn any heels :)

  2. Love your tutu :D Jen, I'm so proud of you - walking 11 miles after a hard day at work. Well done.

  3. Love your tutu :D Jen, I'm so proud of you - walking 11 miles after a hard day at work. Well done.


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