Monday, 7 May 2012

Card Challenge Week 19/”What’s in a name?”

Thanks, as always, to Natty.
The challenge this week was three prompt words. Brads, Garden & Foam Pads.
I have made a card to the challenge prompt but it’s a birthday card, it’s not time yet and there is an outside chance they might see it, so i’ll not risk it.
Instead i’ll show you the card I made for the Saturday Card Challenge by Kimber from Two Peas In A Bucket. The challenge is here.
A simple thank you card for a neighbour who has given us a stack of quality hand-me downs for the boys. I didn’t stretch too far from the sketch, I was drawn to the challenge as it was using the papers from the kit I have been working with from Creative Craft World.
Last week I left a Shakespeare link and it went down well so I thought I might post one each week with the card challenge and choose one that linked to whatever was going through my mind.
This week garden was the prompt I was drawn too, then when I realised I couldn’t post the card yet and looking at this one I realised there were also flowers on there and started thinking about the flowers Shakespeare mentioned and therefore inevitably this quote. I used a teaching internet site to track it down and then looked it up in my book (easy-peasy, meaning I didn’t give up Smile)
”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”
Pretty much sums up the play doesn’t it, depends on your point of view as to “What’s in a name?”, is family or love most important and how difficult and complex it is when it crashes into each other difficultly.
A bit like that sentence, Will would shake his head at me Smile
I have just realised that there is a film version of this that I love… this won’t be a series of pictures of blokes I fancy dressed up as Shakespearen characters!
Baz Luhrmann made the beautiful Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo di Caprio (with a name like that he just had to oh and btw I don’t actually fancy him!) and the wonderful Clare Danes-who captivated me then and is now; in Homeland on C4. It had a great soundtrack, you and me song I think it was called one of them. Not sure who it was by? The wanadies I wanna say.

It is, I just found it. Not that I make this stuff up as I go along.

Great quote.


  1. That's a lovely card :) And I have that version of R&J on DVD, it was a great adaptation, very clever - and great cast, I agree!

  2. The stamps you have used on your lovely card are really pretty. I'm sure your neighbour will be thrilled with it.

    Yes, keep the Shakespeare coming:)

  3. Great card, Great Movie, Great song :)

  4. I love that card-and I remember seeing R&J with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting when I was young-I loved it!

  5. Juast brilliant, Jen! Though I do prefer the Zeferelli version with Olivia Hussey playing a beautiful Juliet. Oh I miss teaching English.
    Sue x


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)