Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Project Life Week 19 & 20.

Considering I was on holiday last week, I am not quite sure how I didn’t manage to post week 19’s PL? Anyway here it is with week 20.
Week 19
wk19 title
week 19 lhs (500x333)
Lots of journaling straight onto the photos and printed, a little bit of ephemera from our trip to Cornwall. Our new lamp Red heartfrom the lovely Port Isaac Pottery.
week 19 rhs
I am trying to take my own advice to get in the photos. I exist, I put this together and therefore I really ought to be in it. Bah! I made Mum get in them, she was thrilled too.
Lots of journaling about how we were feeling going through a tricky phase.
Week 20
More ephemera this week. A post-it note from Louis to say good nighit (sic) and wish me luck (for my first run in a while the next day), a wrapper for some olympic mascot branded chocolate (it really isn’t the right message is it, so nice though!), a note from a new, good friend, Anne included in a thoughtful parcel she sent me, thank you.
Sian linked up an app that gives photos a cartoon edge, Halftone. Brilliant, has given us a real giggle this week Open-mouthed smile
Screenshots of my longest run last week and the GPS route. Also a QR code again. I love having those in the album very much. I have blurred this one out as it isn’t just Ali in this one.
Still loving this project, it has already nearly filled my first album.


  1. Great stuff, Jen. I love the comic strip.:o)
    Sue x

  2. It's totally ridiculous that something this fabulous doesn't get points. :( It's gorgeous.

  3. Yes this is lovely but I want to grab it and read it all in detail....

  4. I'm delighted that you are having fun with Halftone! It's pretty addictive - a lot like Haribo, then..

  5. So I am in your Project Life ? YEAH !!!!
    It looks gorgeous Jen, your pictures, your journaling, it's a joy looking forward to each of your weeks. xxx


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)