Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Project Life–Catch-up

I have decided to leave Project Life for April. I will add photos and thoughts into protectors, but won’t be scrapping them. That feels right to record the last month.
These were the pages up until then, I was a few days behind when my brother fell ill and so they aren’t completely finished. There are also a couple of weeks where I didn’t record much in February as one of my friends died as well. It hasn’t been the best year so far has it?
I am looking forward to working on it again from this week. The most notable thing to happen is that my youngest son has been coming home from school with listslists of things to do when he comes home from school.
I am an inveterate list-maker and shockingly, old-school pen and paper lists are the only thing that give satisfaction. It has to be good quality A4 lined paper, ring-bound and firmly attached to my wooden clipboard. It must also be a Bic Crystal Biro – in blue. No more, no less will do Smile
My heart literally skipped a beat at the sight of the first list.
Here, i’ll show you.
I’ll interpret.
1/2 a sky house to build.
Walk dogs (he laughed when he realised he had written cats and dogs).
Underground house (computer game thing).
Changing room (he doesn’t know!).
Unknown though he thinks it’s his tea.
Be still my beating heart, be still.
I shall love it and treasure it forever.
The wierder thing? He finished his list, that has never happened to me Smile


  1. Your Project life is looking fab. I would love to think I could keep up with something like that but I know I would fails miserably. Well done you in what is turning out to be a very difficult year.

    I'm with you and Ali on lists - you can't beat a list of a list of a list. I love to write with a roller ball pen and don't like lined paper:)

    1. Well, I doubt that you would fail Susi, your Etsy shop is booming! It is only May so there is plenty of time for it to fail :)

  2. Your PL is certainly fab :) I love your mix of photos and journalling (you are soooo much better at journalling than me!) and your crocus close-up is much better than mine! lol
    Love your Ali-list, I hope it will take pride of place inside a frame? xxx

    1. Thank you. The Ali-lists will go in an A4 protector in the Project Life album :) Maybe photocopy it and put it in a frame too :)

  3. I'm a huge admirer of your Pad at Retreats!! :)

    1. My manual iPad you mean? It's the only time you will hear me say it's better than an iProduct!!!

  4. I love your PL so far. Im keeping up to date but have failed so far to get the pages on to my blog

    Leave April the way it is for now - you may feel like going back and adding something to it later on in the year :)

  5. What a fabulous list! I'm with you on the pencil and paper - I still write all my blog posts out roughly with a pencil first before I type.

    It has certainly been a rough year so far - I hope there will be a little sunshine soon

  6. What a great story, love those lists too.

  7. I am no good at finishing things so admire that you have done so much! Totally adore your sons list and had worked quite a bit of it out. We have lists everywhere in this house as my children ( teens!) all have learning difficulties and it makes life SO much easier :)


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)