Monday, 28 May 2012

Card Challenge Week 22/”First, there is the Neopolitan prince.”

The card challenge as ever by Natty, thank you.
Monochromatic today, I have been inspired by Olga Heldwein as well today.I love the delicate but chunky look of her work.
Shakespeare. Well I thought of this line as my new stash was opened. Thank you Creative Craft World, ace service from Lou.
“First, there is the Neopolitan prince.” I do actually know this play as it was a syllabus text. I remember the drama of it very well. I also remember thinking that my english teacher would make a good Shylock on stage, though he did tend towards the theatrical. It wasn’t The Globe. There was a bit of arm flourishing. There was ‘pronouncement’ of important parts. I remember that it was hot summer afternoons with the sight of the sea in the distance when we studied it. I remember enjoying it but anticipating it’s end too so I could escape. So it must have been last lesson. Must have been.
So why that line? Dear Lizzy Neopolitan 6x6 was in my stash box. I used the greeny-blue spotty paper as the bottom scalloped circle Smile
Night x


  1. Great card, Jen. I love your blogging. :o)
    Sue x

  2. Jen thats gorgeous and I agree about the AC Neapolitan :) thank you for the lovely comments too :)

    Lou xx

  3. I love how you made that connection! and what a gorgeously coloured card. So pretty.

  4. Love the colors arrangement. Gorgeous ! xx

  5. These are fab just seen your link at CCW blog and entered the challenge so I thought Id come and look I'm glad I did you're one to follow


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)