Friday, 4 May 2012

I had such a nice day/Creative Craft World Challenge

I had such a nice day in London with my boys in 2005. Louis was 4 and a half and Ali was a half.

What a supreme building that is. I am not quite sure what goes on there nowadays to engage the public in it’s pursuit of the common good. But that is a whole other thing.
Louis tried to crawl up the side of the pod to see better, and my heart was just freaking at the space beneath him.

Ali decided that it was bottle time so I spent the whole time feeding him Smile

And having a red ponytail apparently. Actually, i’m just glad there wasn’t toast in it which is how I spent many days with my small boys.
I had such a nice day at the retreat in March this year making this layout. I was with my best friends that have seen me through the hardest time in my life. We laughed and laughed and talked and talked and scrapped and scrapped.
I had such a nice day winning the March challenge with this layout over at the great Creative Craft World. I was lucky enough to be asked to guest design for May as part of my prize which I will post tomorrow as the challenge goes live.
I have so many nice days Smile


  1. Oh! it is so nice that with all the sad times you and your family have been through recently that you can till look on so many 'nice' days - you are an inspiration :) We love you xxx

  2. That is such a gorgeous layout - but then I am rather partial to hearts! How wonderful that you have such great friends. I think that is a rarity these days. Thank you for dropping by my blog again. I haven't hopped for a while and I realised I missed your Louis!

  3. I love this LO - such a wonderful memory :-) x x x


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)