Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Project Life Week 18

It has been nice to get back into the swing of project life. It is still my favourite crafty thing to do at the moment. Part of that is due to the generous nature of some of the project life design team and some inspiring women doing this around the world. Because of them sharing their work and ‘how to’ tutorials I have learnt so much about the project, technology and photo editing. I have found so many new things to learn. It has been time consuming, but also a brilliant way to spend a few hours learning.
Left-hand side protector.

I was thrilled with the HD video quality on the iphone and have taken about 40 little videos so far. I thought it would be easy to copy and paste the video into a blog or online somewhere for me to store it. No, I have had a learning curve with that. I now have it nailed though I think with a system I am happy with.

This is one of the videos I took this week, just for an example I have loaded it in here, but I also wanted to turn it into a QR code to add to my project life for me to link back to the videos easily directly from browsing the album.
I have been intrigued by the QR codes and using them on my phone and so when one of the brilliant ladies over on the Project Life thread at UKS-thank you Jackie linked up to Mercy Tiara – (Tracy) using them as part of her project life I needed to be able to do it, like, immediately! So I have sorted out how to do that, then I found a tutorial on how to re-colour them to match your page and so I had to practice that. Well, you can see how I have been diverted!
So here is the QR code that I printed and added into the album. 
QR tide is high today
Right hand side protector with the QR code.
It’s blurry and i’ve lost the light Sad smile Sorry.
A close-up though of the dog Smile


  1. Fudge is so delicious:)

    I'm loving your PL and you MUST bring it if you come in July or next March, I have to see it in real life.

    QR went straight over my head I'm afraid lol!

  2. Great pages!Have to admit I wouldn't know where to start with making a code but you make it sound easy!

  3. Fabulous spread. I'm planning on using QR codes in mine too, would love to know how to recolour them!

  4. Well done on your project life i really wouldn't be able to stick to something like this..looks like your packing a lot in with the awful weather we are having.
    Kate x

  5. Loving looking at your pages Jen - they are fab. When I get April finished I must get mine on to my blog

    Keep up the good work :)

  6. Fantastic project! And your video is fab! You will cherish those snippets of life in the future! And your dog, lol!

  7. Great project life page & how cute is your pooch???
    C xx

  8. Jen you are sooo clever. This is amazing.
    Sue x

  9. I would love to do Project Life, but I know I will take on just one more thing too many. Sometime perhaps. I love your QR code - I'm a bit behind the times because my phone does not recognise these. I love that you add them to your page though, my son has demonstrated QR codes and I am super impressed by what you have done!!


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)