Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ten Things On The Tenth

Time for Ten Things, Shimelle’s lovely link up blog hop. Actually, this evening now i’m home there doesn’t appear to be one! I’ll plough ahead regardless and i’m sure you all know how to find Shimelle’s blog!
Ten things I am looking forward to this summer, in no particular order.
1. My friend’s wedding on June 1st. She has worked really hard on it and it sounds as if it will be just lovely, the actual wedding is in a beautiful hotel overlooking the sea and a great beach. Co-incidentally the one I blogged about here for Storytelling Sunday at From High In The Sky (there are still a few days to enter yours or just settle down and have a good read). Then at a lovely country barn conversion with a huge conservatory for the reception. I am especially looking forward to it now that the invites are finished.
2. A family trip out to Cornwall on Sunday. So fair warning to you lovely Cornish folk, if you hear a lot of noise it will be us lot.
3. Pay Day + Online Browsing = Stash Happy. It might be this? Decisions.
Note to Self - 12" x 12" Collection Kit
4. The Jubilee.
5. The Olympics.
6. Watching the fox gloves grow. and the rest of the garden.
I mentioned on Sunday to Mum that the foxgloves were growing as I watched, so we put it to the test. We made a mark on it’s prop cane and tracked it through the week. Wow. The wind hasn’t done it any favours, it’ll need to be tied again tomorrow, they need to grow in a hedge really.
7. Swimming with the boys in the sea this summer.
8. Having a holiday from work next week.
9. The family picnic we have planned for the August Bank Holiday weekend where we will all get together from all over the south of England and spend the day and night together.
10. Saying Thank you to my lovely readers and followers of my blog by giving away a couple of prizes. My next post will be my 100th! So please leave a comment on this post and I will randomly pick one to send a prize to. I have another prize to send and that will be to one of my followers. I am so thrilled that 19 of you follow me, if I could have 20 new followers every 100 posts I would be so happy, again I will randomly pick one of you. I will leave it open until Monday night, 8pm GMT. I will then post up what your prize will be and post it out next week.
That’s them then, the Ten Things on the Tenth. What are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. Just realised I wasn't following you publicly so made you up to 20 followers. Great idea for a post. Congrats to be on your 100th post :0)

  2. Your invitation is lovely Jen:D Such a great idea and I'm sure your friend was thrilled with them.

    I have the "Note to self" in a 6" x 6" - bought because of the red spots but it's lush even without the spotty paper so go for it.

    I'm looking forward to the Olympics and you coming to stay with us (fingers crossed:))

    Well done on 100 posts, here's to the next 100.

  3. I'm amazed at that foxglove's growth! I'll follow you Jen :o)

  4. Loving your.ten things, off to check Im following you.

    Get Note to Self, its.lush, ive a couple of layouts on my blog with it done at my recent weekend away. Think a few of the wording elements will find their way into my Photo Fifty/PL album

  5. Congrats in advance :) I love all your posts, you write so beautifully. Also well done on posting your 10 on the 10th. I did my first one last month but forgot this month :( xxx

  6. Congratulations on your 99th post and I'm getting ready to celebrate your 100th! How exciting.

    I had to smile when I visited some of your older posts and saw 'bedtime bliss' (My Day in Photos, April 2011). If you looked closely at the second photo in my post today you will see an identical shot and description! How's that for coincidence! I just had to become one of your followers after that!

    By the way, thank you for the lovely comments you left. And I LOVE the wedding invitation. Did you make them?

  7. Oh i love that card the wood grain paper? is just gorgeous :)And a big well done on making 100 posts.
    Kate xx

  8. A great list, Jen, and I thonk I may be lifting that card! Love ya!
    Sue x

  9. Fab list, looks like you are going to have a great summer, lets just hope the weather warms up abit.


  10. I have the Note to Self in 6x6. I wanted the ViewMaster print! Congrats on reaching 100 posts. :) I've no idea how many I've made.

    Wonder if I have determination to do Ten on the Tenth?

  11. I really like that Note to Self range. I have just bought the This & That in both colour ways as they were in the sale at S J Crafts and I might have to get them again as I love both sides of the papers! I am looking forward to our holiday in just over a week's time - yikes! (Did you know that your blog address doesn't come up when you click on your link when you leave comments? Luckily I can still find you though ;-))

  12. What a cheering kind of a list! It's always good to look forward :)

    Well done on reaching 100 posts - I've been a follower for a while now I think

  13. Now you got 25 followers Jen ! xx
    I thought that following one of your blogs blog officially made me follow the other one officially too, but it appears not.
    Love your 10 things to look forward. Gorgeous !

  14. new follower~would love for you to consider a follow back:):):)

  15. New follower and would love some new followers on my blog hehehe. lovely card and lots of exciting things too look forward too this summer. The kit looks great I would go for it x

  16. A great list of events to look forward too - the family picnic sounds like fun. Enjoy spending your pay ;-)

  17. That is a great list of things to look forward to, I might have to make one for next month :)

  18. Congratulations on the 99 posts - i'm moving closer to that milestone too! I won't follow you - but only because I can't stand anymore e-mails and don't 'follow' anyone directly. You can go in my Google Reader instead!

  19. Congratulations on making it to the 100 post mark. You have so many wonderful things coming up over summer, I hope you have a wonderful time at all of them!

  20. Your hollyhocks are huge - ours are just peeping out above the ground. Lots of lovely things to look forward to - and those invitations are very stylish.


Aren't you lovely, you have made me smile =)